Kennel Plastic To Block Wind and Cold Air
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Thread: Kennel Plastic To Block Wind and Cold Air

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    Default Kennel Plastic To Block Wind and Cold Air

    What kind of plastic are people using on the outside of their kennels during the winter time to help block wind and keep cold air out. I've seen a few kennels out there that have plastic they roll down around the whole kennel instead of having walls to help keep the warm air in. What type of plastic is this and where can it be purchased at??

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    look at They have numerous roll up wall systems in solid, see thru, and mesh. Or you can just go get a tarp at the hardware store.

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    Think very carefully before fitting these flexiblePVC draft excluders.

    If your dog is a bit of a chewer he can do himself life threatening damage by tearing off bits of the stuff and ingesting it. Don't think because it's soft and squishy it will pass through his gut with little difficulty. In his stomach the gastric acids will render the shards as sharp as a knife; these will then lacerate his intestines and stomach with potentially disastrous consequences. Been there, done that, and won the court case. From memory the Vets operating fees were around $1600.


    Thank you, very kind, Mine's a pint.

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