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Thread: Garmin Delta 2 dog

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    Default Garmin Delta 2 dog

    Well, I got my Garmin Delta 2 dog e-collar a couple of days ago. It isn't quite as user friendly as the TRi- Tronics. You have to look at the collar most of time when operating it especially since the buttons are flush with the receiver and having to past the 3rd dog to get back to the first dog is different. Otherwise seems okay and less weight hanging around my neck for winter training vs pro 100.

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    What are your thoughts about the stimulation levels. Is it comparable to Tri-Tonics?

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    What do you mean you have to look at the collar most of the time when operating it? That seems like a problem.

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    The Garmin stimulation levels seems to be comparable to the Tri-Tronics so far. The Garmin buttons don't protrude out like the Tri-Tronics so makes me look to see if my finger is on the button I want. The buttons on the side to make the stimulation levels go up and down are flat too and close together so also requires me to look to see which way I'm going up or down. It is tough to manipulate with gloves on too. Time will tell how I will like it. It just requires more attention than the tri-Tronic collars.

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