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Thread: Hunting alone

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    Quote Originally Posted by JustinS View Post
    sharing your time and knowledge with youngsters feels pretty good - From time to time - I really enjoy hunting waterfowl on my own as I am a nut job with camo and I really like the ability to change decoy spreads - move from one part of the slough to another and the silence.

    Took my two young cousins out duck hunting for the first time this last weekend, I took them to my honey hole in northern south Dakota - it is a spot I have never gone home empty handed from until this weekend. Kids talk loud, move a lot, shoot at a single when a large flock is setting their wings, and complain about how hard it is to row a canoe or break ice.

    we did harvest the first hooded merganser I have ever seen. It was really cool seeing
    them take their first ducks but it was definitely not my typical duck hunt but we did get quite a few birds to set their wings and a few landed.

    So, did you spring from the womb as some kind of superhunter? Like I said, there are few and far between that learned "the way" totally on their own. One of the kids I am helping does not have a ton of money and I gave him one of my "old school" camo waterfowling parkas that I spent what seemed like a small fortune on over thirty years ago. You might have thought I gave this young man a new Corvette or some other lavish gift. He exuded pure joy and appreciation as he received the gift of my old parka that I had tucked away in a closet not being used for that which it was intended

    The young man mentioned (age 17) has not really had the good fortune to have a fatherly presense in his life and perhaps in sharing my time with him, he gets a bit of that which so many take forgranted. My relationship with my own father was poor, so I can completely relate to those in similar circumstances.

    Justin, good on ye for taking the kids, take them again, but work on the problem areas before making the actual trip afield. They are obviously newbies that just don't understand all of the many nuances of hunting birds yet. Likely, they never will without your help. Think back to your own start and those that might have helped you along.

    Also, remember that those of us that love the outdoor world would love to be able to hunt as far into our "golden years" as is possible. The same kids that you take the time to help now, might be the same kids helping you manage still being able to hunt into your elder years.

    Just food for thought my friend.

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    mentoring a young person as you intend is a very important responsibility. i admire that you are going to share the outdoors in such an way. good work my friend!

    on a not so serious note, send me and rk his email address so we can follow up with a rehab of his political views after each hunt with you and please keep my dog safe!
    john mccallie

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Teahan View Post
    I hunt alone most of the time.

    count your blessing

    Quote Originally Posted by kjrice View Post
    I prefer hunting solo....
    x2, but am not able to as often as I would like.
    have not been able to grab 1 solo duck since season started.
    they bribe me with gasoline and doughnuts and such.
    can't wait for a true cold front, weeds out the wussies
    "So what is big is not always the Trout nor the Deer but the chance, the being there. And what is full is not necessarily the creel nor the freezer, but the memory." ~ Aldo Leopold

    "The Greatest Obstacle to Discovery is not Ignorance -- It is the Illusion of Knowledge" ~ Daniel Boorstin

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    I prefer grouse hunting alone. All others a few people.

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    [QUOTE=Ken Bora;1163116]

    [SIZE=4]x2, but am not able to as often as I would like.
    have not been able to grab 1 solo duck since season started.
    they bribe me with gasoline and doughnuts and such.
    can't wait for a true cold front, weeds out the wussies[

    MMMMMMMMMMMMM Doughnuts............

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    Hunting alone is the only way to go.

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    I've had a few good hunt partners over the years but could count them one one hand. I hunt alone most of the time just because I like doing things my way and trying new spots, different setups etc. I always shoot better alone too. But I do enjoy an occasional hunt with family and select friends. I would enjoy mentoring a young hunter. Think I'd start out at the skeet range to go over gun safety and handling and have the parent along to observe before going afield.
    I think they were all made to shoot because if they were not why did they give them that whirr of wings that moves you suddenly more than any love of country . . . I think that they were made to shoot and some of us were made to shoot them and if that is not so well, never say we did not tell you that we liked it.

    E. Hemingway

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    I met with my potential 16 yr old mentoree (sp) on Sat. It was a nasty day. we spent about an hour and half getting to know each other. He has a nice cross bred dog that he wants to turn into a duck dog. I think he has a good chance since he is very interested. I sent him home with more encouragement for a steady sit. We will get together again. All in all it was a positive day. At the conclusion both he and his parents and dog "Jazz" seemed to enjoy our short introductory.

    On the way home M asked, "why are you smiling?"

    "That felt good, I told her."

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    One cannot reason someone out of something they were not reasoned into. - Jonathan Swift

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    I have done several youth hunts in the past...It's a blast, especially when they see good dog work. At times, they are more interested or amazed on what a good dog will do.

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    One of the most bizarre experiences I've had with hunting alone happened about four years ago. It was three hours before sunrise on opening duck camp. My boat was fully loaded and the next to the last step of zipping up Daisy's hunting vest was finished. All I had to do now was put on my chest waders.

    Suddenly, there was a loud, firm knock on my trailer door. Standing on the top step was a man that appeared to be in his fifties, fully dressed in duck hunting clothes, carrying a gear bag and a cased gun. He immediately asked, "Are you going hunting?"

    He was not a duck camp regular.........and a complete stranger. My first reaction was to ask, "How'd you guess?".....but I didn't. Did you ever say the word 'Weeeelllllll" and have it seem like it would never end? I'm thinking fast on my feet now searching for a tactful way to deal with this. So I said.....very slowly, "Yes, I am"....which was mostly a stall while grasping for inspiration.

    I shined my spotlight down by the shoreline lighting up my fully loaded, 12' Carsten BlueBill and finished with......"I'm sorry there just is not enough room for two hunters and a dog."

    He said, "OK, Thanks."....and disappeared into the darkness. Later that day I found out this fellow had fallen on bad financial times and would show up, ready to go every once awhile......for a chance to hunt.

    Some just don't have a hunt alone (or not).

    I have a bigger boat a smaller one. Next season, I'll be 74 years old and have every intention of hunting the Mississippi River alone, again and often. However, I can't use the same avoid a stranger in the dark.
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    Jim Boyer

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