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Thread: Awesome!!!!!!!!

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    The irrigation canal formaly known as the Rio Grande


    Quote Originally Posted by Brad Turner View Post
    Sorry JD I've been watching the National.

    I had already dug when I made my response, that's why I suggested you look a little deeper. I'll give you the most blatant questionable reference and save you some time. Number 15 in the reference section:
    Hope you've been enjoying the National. Is your objection to the reference the fact that it is from the Detroit Free Press, or that the link does not take you to the article cited?
    I will still maintain that the ACA as it exists is a compromise. We could both spend time researching varying opinions from different sources. At this point I think we must agree to disagree.
    It is finally getting cold enough here to push in some migratory birds and that is going to occupy me for now.
    Good hunting, JD
    One cannot reason someone out of something they were not reasoned into. - Jonathan Swift

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    Quote Originally Posted by shinyhead View Post
    I think I read somewhere that everybody has the right to vote. Maybe not. So now you want to limit who gets to vote? Maybe we should force everybody to take an IQ test to vote too. Let's really go back. Make it like it was a long time ago. Women can't vote either. That wouldn't work either. We should just selectively choose whom gets to vote and who doesn't. Really?
    Now your thinking, maybe we should limit those that can vote to those that have actually paid taxes in the last 10-15 years, after all it is their money that the politicians are spending. May be then everybody will want to pay in some.

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