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Thread: Caslpeke Magnum Reload "Reload" Nov. 2000-Nov.2013 He'll Be MISSED!!

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    My most sincere prayers and condolences go out to you for the loss of your beloved gundog Reload. The loss of any companion animal is never easy, yet the loss of a gundog brings that loss which we suffer to a whole different level. I recently lost my extraordinary companion Labrador gundog on 9/3/13 to a very sudden and inexplicable death. I identify with the loss you are feeling for your Chesie. I knew within 3 days of losing my beloved gundog, that I must seek and train a successor pup. Some might say my decision seemed too soon, disrespectful, an attempt to "replace" that which I fully know can NEVER be replaced. Rather, I knew that my decision to get right back in the game was a matter of personal survival, an effort to fill the abysmal void left in my heart, and that which has become a living, breathing, tribute in honoring the true joy that my recently departed gundog so unconditionally bestowed upon my life. My constant companion, I know that he would not want me plodding through each day, lacking that special bond we are blessed to experience with each gundog that we share our life with.

    I received my new pup TTF CRAIGHORN KIFFIN TRAD on 10/23/13. Trad is out of an incredible breeding and I am very blessed to have aquired him in such very short order. The wee pup has no clue how far he has brought me out of the depth of depression I suffered at the very recent loss of his predecessor. In the very short time Trad has been with me, he has endeared himself to me, the bond becomes beyond tight each day, and I absolutely love every moment I spend with him. Being retired, myself and Trad are together all day long. His early training began the very moment I received
    him. Little Trad has huge paws to fill, something we will work on together in honor to the great gundogs in my life that had come and gone before him.

    We must each deal with such overwhelming loss on our own terms, in doing that which works for us. My little pup
    Trad has been a pathway to healing for me. Swamprat, it is painfully obvious by your very moving tribute to Reload, how awesome your relationship with him was, and how much you shared and offered to each other. I know you have much to offer any lucky gundog pup that you might chose to bring into your life. I am also sure that like my beloved and recently departed gundog, that your Reload would wish only for complete joy and happiness in your life.

    Go forward with the comfort of knowing you gave Reload an amazing and rewarding life, one that he honored you with by his never ending and unconditional companionship.

    Sincere regret for your loss,

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    My condolences. Bury him in your heart with all the great memories.

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    Ryan, My condolences to you and your family on the loss of a great dog. I will always remember that Reload was the perfect example of how wrong people are to stereotype Chessies as being mean, one person only dogs He may have been a big intimidating looking boy, but he was truly a lover who loved to be petted; especially if he could turn it into a wrestling match They always go too soon, Best wishes and regards Marc Healey

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    What a handsome beautiful dog. I am so sorry for your loss. Concentrate on the good times...and forget the rest. Take Care

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