Marking gene in the future??
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Thread: Marking gene in the future??

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    Default Marking gene in the future??

    Last few years have been exciting with the news for example yet another DNA test..... a speed gene has been developed.

    One easy reading link:

    If a marking gene was developed do you think being affected but the gene would help any more, than us throwing bumpers or birds and testing (marking ability)?

    I mean most say the speed gene is interesting but not much different than testing with a stop watch.

    Does anyone else find this STUFF interesting?
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    Yes... it's fascinating. I think clearly there has to be a genetic basis behind marking. (I know... let's start a thread on "Which lab progenitor throws the best marking off-spring?" and see what kind of brouhaha we could begin!) I find it interesting that they've identified a single protein in muscle fibers which appears to confer great speed. In what tissue would you look for the "marking" protein? In the retina? The occipital cortex? My money goes on some complex interaction of factors going on in the dog's cortex and I think it's probably very, very multi-factoral. And that's before you add variables associated with training.

    BTW: I've heard it said Cosmo was one of the great all-time marking dogs.

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    I don't think that will ever be possible. There are so many components to marking: memory, lining ability, eyesight, desire, nose, focus, etc. It would be almost impossible to zero in on a specific gene that made a retriever a great marker. The best marker I ever saw was NFC AFC Patton. It seemed like he knew where the bird was before he ever got to the fall area and didn't have to slow down to scoop it up. It was uncanny.

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