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Thread: 2013 National Retriever Championship BLOG

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    Congrats to Danny, Mr. Thompson, breeder Judy Aycock, NFC-Willie, the great Kweezie, and of course 2013 NFC-Dottie!!!
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    Congrats to Danny, Keith and Judy! I believe that Dottie is one of the top 5 High Point Open dogs this year as well, so you know she was an incredible contender for this great honor. Congratulations to NFC Trumarc’s Dot Come for a great year!
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    Here are some quick stats (with thanks to the Vinwood website). Danny has:
    * Competed in every National Open since 1981, on average qualifying 5 dogs/year and tying the record for qualifiers in one year with 9
    * Won National Opens in 1989, 1995, 2001 and now 2013.
    * Won an amazing 18 Opens in a row and has won more Opens than any other professional trainer (no wonder Eckett hopes the party is Danny's "retirement"

    Dottie is almost six years old and has garnered 44.5 AA pts and 11 Derby pts. To date in 2013 she has earned 26.5 Open pts, making her the fourth highest dog in the country and the top Open female. SHe has averaged 2.7 open pts/finish!
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    Josie Ottman

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    This is Mr. Farmer's 4th National win, one in each of the last four decades, quite an accomplishment I think.

    1989 NFC-AFC Otus of Redfern
    1995 NFC Vinwood Takes a Lickin
    2001 NFC-AFC Eagle Ridge Rocket Sam
    2013 NFC Trumarc's Dot Come

    Congratulations my friend, you are, in my very humble opinion, the best!

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    And it's only fitting that Danny won with a dog bred by his very good friend Judy. They have always been a formidable team. Vinwood and Trumarc - two names that are truly legendary in this sport. Thanks to Josie and Ed for their insight. Would like to see more on the rest of the fine finalists as well.

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    They usually post a picture of all finalist.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Annette View Post
    They usually post a picture of all finalist.
    Its on the blog now. I was just going to comment on what fine looking animal she is too. Ooops sorry I see you said finalists hopefully they will get around to it.
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    What a great photo of the winners. Congrats to all involved.
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    Congrats to Dottie!!, Holland next year!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott Adams View Post
    What a great photo of the winners. Congrats to all involved.
    Agree and thanks to the Retriever News Team for all their wonderful blogging!!! Great job!
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