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Thread: Outside distractions

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    Quick question. I have a well bred pup that is currently 4 months old. For his age, the dog has a good mix of drive and smarts. I have a wide open floor plan in my house and the pup will retrieve soft bumpers like a champ (inside). However, once he goes outside, he will retrieve a few bumpers and then appears more interested in all the smells, leaves, etc.

    I don't pressure him to retrieve but I'm a little concerned. My other dog was rarely distracted by anything (even other dogs). All he wanted to do was retrieve all day long. Should I be worried?

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    Senior Member Bruce MacPherson's Avatar
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    Probably not, the dog is really young and it's a big world out there. Just keep it fun and my guess is he'll be just fine.
    "The longer you let a dog go in the wrong direction the more they think they are going in the right direction" Don Remien.

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    Senior Member Jon Hass's Avatar
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    Give him a chance to run around and get all the sniffing and peeing and goofin around out of his system. Then get him pumped up and throw him a few retrieves and then STOP. Never let him get tired of it or quit on his terms. Leave him bouncing and wanting more. You will be fine pup will come around.
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    At 4 months he's absolutely a baby. Don't compare him to your first one - they're all different and some of the best take a while to mature.

    The advice of "always leave them wanting more" is great. And tossing toys indoors compared to outside to a 4 month old, is like watching a video on an ipad versus going to a IMAX theater to see "Everest".

    Let him be a puppy and don't worry about it. If you have access to it, Jackie Mertens' video "Sound Beginnings" is very good.

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    Senior Member T-Pines's Avatar
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    The concept of distractions often gets a bum rap, in my view. Without attraction, there can be no distraction ... and give me a puppy that expresses a high level of attraction to his environment; actively engaging and experiencing his surroundings rather than being passive or disinterested. This makes it much easier for me to nurture, teach and condition preferences -- the "right choices" -- for my pup's focus and attractions.

    There is nothing wrong with chasing butterflies, unless or until my pup is completely unresponsive to my efforts to teach him that it is much better to chase birds than to chase butterflies. It is time for concern when my pup has no interest in chasing anything.


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    I appreciate the advice here !

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