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Thread: Where were you???

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    Default Where were you???

    So with the 50th anniversary of the assignation of JFK approaching it's been interesting reflecting on the day. I was in 7th grade at North Junior High in Brighton Colorado- Mr. Stillwells American History class. They were remodeling the cafeteria so to eat lunch we all had to march 2 blocks to the High School. As usual the local motorcycle cop was running traffic guard but this day he was clearly distraught and plainly had tears on his cheeks. Once we got to the High School- it was mayhem. Stunned silence mixed with tears and anger. The Principal and a couple of teachers rolled in TV sets to the cafeteria and we all sat on the floors watching as the events unfolded. Remember it like it was yesterday.

    So why can't I remember what I had for breakfast regards

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    I was in Science class at Baker Junior High School in Baker, Oregon. The news was broadcast over the loudspeaker system. We were then glued in front of the TV. Was watching when Oswald was shot.

    I haven't had breakfast yet. Harry
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    I was 4 yrs old when JFK was assassinated. My brother Philip, 5 at the time, and I were outside playing wallball. Later that afternoon my brothers Lee and Michael, 15 and 10, told us that the "boogie man" was in Texas and had killed the president. Imagine that, big brothers scaring little brothers. I now teach U.S. History.
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    I was in Mr. Fairchild's 8th grade science class at Millikan JHS in Sherman Oaks, CA. I also remember sitting with my Mom and watching Oswald get shot on live TV. I remember him clutching his stomach and yelling out like in the movies and thinking, wow, people really do that when they get shot.

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    I was in 2nd grade at Buena Terra Elementary school in Buena Park Calif. just remember them herding us into the school busses and sending us home...
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    I was a twinkle in Momma's eye and an afterthought in Poppa's plans.....

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    I was in the 5th grade. Littleton, Colorado, looking forward to the upcoming weekend to go Pheasant hunting with my Dad in Brighton Colorado.

    I remember the principal coming over the loud speaker system, telling us all the President had been shot, and we were all going home for the rest of the day.

    I also remember entering our house, and my mother in front of the T.V.crying.
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    In classroom waiting for psychiatry lecture to start,was a third year med student in Galveston. Lecturer was Martin Towler, who was expert witness in Jack Ruby trial.
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    I was 18 at the time and working managing a gas station. A customer came in and told me about it, then I turned on the radio and heard it for myself. Lots of people came in crying. I also saw Oswald and Ruby both shot on TV live.
    I still don't believe Oswald was in this alone.

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    6 years old, in first grade, living in Dallas, TX. One of my earliest memories, which, no doubt, stuck with me because of the reactions of the adults around me. All the teachers were crying. We got out of school earlier and I went home to find my mother (possibly one of the least politically-aware people on the planet) crying.

    Oddly, I was living in Las Angleles when Robert Kennedy was killed there a few years later. I was older and remember hearing about it while waiting in line to go into class, but the memories are no where near as vivid as the JFK assassination.
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