Pet peeves when hunting with others?
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Thread: Pet peeves when hunting with others?

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    Senior Member Mark Teahan's Avatar
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    Default Pet peeves when hunting with others?

    Mine todate, is when the young guys that hunt with me occasionaly, bring their, untrained, undisciplined, sorry dogs, who won't sit still, won't be quiet, won't come when called, or even make a simple retrieve, let alone pick up a dead duck or even get in the water.
    After yesterday morning, I told them no more.....
    You either come alone or hunt with someone else, somewhere else.
    They think their house pet dogs are up to hunting dog status.
    Not by a long shot....
    Nice young guys, but I've had enough of it. Bring em when they are better trained.

    Ah, I feel better now!

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    Senior Member Raymond Little's Avatar
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    Aug 2006
    Lake Charles/Big Lake


    Feel your pain Mark, down here just about errybody has a crate in the back of their truck from August till Feb. Would bet that 99% of them have Shitteatas in them and a box of rocks somewhere in the truck. My peave is hunting with folks that won't let the ducks finish and can't identify ducks prior to pulling the trigger (spoonbill slayers).
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    Senior Member yellow machine's Avatar
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    How about dogs that wont kennel. Had a young kid bring his dog and chased it all over the place trying to catch it to get it in the crate. It made for some great laughs. But when the dog broke and started fighting for retrieves the laughing turned to frowns.
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    The only Waunakee in the world


    Went to No Dak several years ago with a couple of guys that I've known since grade school (I'm pushing 60 now) After the trip every time the subject came up at the gun club or anywhere with an audiance. My dog an MH not at the time but now wasn't any good because his dog retrieved many more ducks. Every time the saftey came off that (I'll be polite and call it a dog) was standing in the decoys looking up waiting for something to fall. And he wonders why I don't invite him anymore?

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    Senior Member John Robinson's Avatar
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    Apr 2009
    Bigfork, Montana


    My buddy and I were heading back to the boat ramp last Friday when we heard a volley of nine shots. We came around the corner and there were three guys and a nice looking black Lab sitting on a log by the side of the river. We pulled over to ask how their day was going. They said they shot one duck, but it was out there about 50 yards and slowly floating away. They sheepishly told us their dog wouldn't swim out to get it. I swung the boat out, picked up the duck and dropped it off with them, but I was tempted to beach the boat, get out with my Golden, tell them to watch this, sit him, say "dead bird" and "back". Obviously a super easy retrieve but it would be like magic to those guys. We also had to tell them what kind of duck it was, a Bluebill btw.


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    Senior Member MooseGooser's Avatar
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    One of my habits when I hunt with others is when the shooting starts, and birds fall, I ALWAYS yell " I got em"

    Even if I didn't shoot .

    : Sometimes I take home birds, and never fire a shot!


    It is far easier to spit on the work of others than it is to produce something better yourself.
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    Senior Member GulfCoast's Avatar
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    I need to hunt with Gooser! If'n he don't fire, and claims the first 6, then I can shoot 12!

    I hate the "wannna be contest caller" who shows up as someone's guest. The guy who does not know when to hold 'em or fold 'em, unlike real contest callers. No one wants to listen to that all morning.
    Wm. Mark Edwards
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    Senior Member BonMallari's Avatar
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    Feb 2008


    any of these will get you uninvited in my blind

    1. repeatedly clicking your safety on/off

    2. sky busting

    3. dog that breaks into the decoys

    4. drinking alcohol before the hunt is over

    5. telling people where we hunt
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    Senior Member Sharon Potter's Avatar
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    Let's about the guy who doesn't care where anyone else is and swings right through everybody to shoot? "Duck" should refer to the birds, not "look out, I'm gonna muzzle blast everybody again". First and last time I hunted with that dude.

    Second place goes to people who ground swat running front of dogs.
    Sharon Potter

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    Senior Member huntinman's Avatar
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    Or... A guest in the blind who doesn't know diddly about dogs trying to give your dog commands while you are clearly already handling the dog?
    Bill Davis

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