When I visited Oregon in late October, I read an article in The Oregonian about Oregon's non-working website. The article said that millions (lots of millions) had been given to Oregon to prepare their website so it would be the poster child of websites.

On October 1 it did not work. That was no surprise as internal records revealed the website had been inoperable all through its construction. As of Nov 20, it was still not working, but promises were that it would be working soon.

Since she could not access Cover Oregon, two weeks ago my niece went to some sort of Cover Oregon center to get information. The only thing they could do was hand her a paper application form and tell her to go home and fill it out. She looked at the form and had questions. No one in the center could help her with the form. She drove to her sister's house. Both went over the form and figured out how to fill it out. She either mails in the application form or drops it off at the center.

I guess the Navigators at that center missed training day. All they do is hand out paper applications.