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Thread: Ears

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    Default Ears

    I was wanting to know how how you guys avoid ear problems when our dogs spend so much time in the water.


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    Do a search for purple stuff.
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    We clean our dogs ears once a week. Also, being Spaniels (big floppy ears) we trim the hair on the underside so more air can circulate and dry better.
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    My dog even with cleaning and drying would still develop chronic ear infections. Really nasty ones that would be impossible to fight off with out antibiotics. It was cheaper to get another pup than take her to the vet every few months. Great house dog and the best around the kids.

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    My vet gave us Oticleanse? Squirt some in her ear after every trip to the water. She doesn't like it but its better than the ear infections.

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    Some things to consider

    1. Not all dogs are susceptible to external ear canal infections, indeed the percentage in Labradors is fairly low.
    2. Ear cleaning solutions defat the protective coating formed by the cells that line the ear canal thereby increasing the likelihood of a normal ear canal becoming infected.
    3. Water in the dog's ear canal does not equal ear infection.

    If you have a dog with chronic recurrent ear infections there is often an underlying predisposing cause which must be treated to resolve the problem.

    I have had Labradors for over 40 years, I have never cleaned or flushed an ear and I could count the cases of otitis externa in my dogs on the fingers of one hand.

    If you have a normal dog largely free of ear problems leave the ear flushing solutions on the shelf.

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    I would be willing to bet that if your dog is having chronic ear infections and your using antibiotics to clear it up only to have the iinfection come back again.... Sound familar.... Oh how I had been there too for years with a Golden.
    The answer is an allergy reaction to the grain in the food. Wheat, Corn, Soy, and now even RICE can cause many dogs to have ear infections. Could also be the protein but mostly grain. I have seen it so many times and cleared it up everytime with foods with NO wheat, corn soy to start with. That was long before the grain free foods came along. Always found CANIDAE All Life Stage to work very well before their grain free came along. Even the grain free food at Costco by Natures Domain is great certainly for the price.
    Also have used PROZYME digestive aide for a healthy gut for almost 30 years now on every dog I have owned, trained or rescuerd and rehomed.
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