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Thread: What kinda of panties for your girl when shes in heat?

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    We've tried boy's underwear (already have hole in them for the tail when worn backwards); not tight enough and have to struggle to get them on and off. Bought Dr's Foster and Smith brand (Medium) and they have made it through 4 years of two females. They don't fall off, are tight enough not to worry if you keep a male in the house (under supervision only of course, but just in case he tries to jump her), have a tail hole and velcro for easy on/off and adjustability, and are washable. Do not buy the washable pads for them. Women's sanitary pads with wings are much easier, more sanitary, and stay in place better. Have one girl with sensitive skin, never a problem chaffing.
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    I have not found a pair of panties that my older girl does not like to lick and then chew to pieces. Luckily she does not come in heat that often. I bought a very thick red blanket that I put on my bed at night to protect my comforter and sheets during this time. I also have floors in my bedroom that a wet swiffer can clean up in the morning. The rest of the time she is in her crate or in the back yard playing with me during her heat cycle.


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