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Thread: When to start formal OB

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    Quote Originally Posted by KwickLabs View Post
    Formal OB often starts the day after you find yourself saying two things 1) "The honeymoon is over." and 2) "There are some things I should have been doing."

    I'm a novice for sure, but I knew exactly when to start with formal OB with my youngster. It was right after my five month old starting flipping me the paw and not obeying commands that he had been solid on since twelve weeks old. When he acted like a teenager, he was ready.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Evan View Post
    As you know, 'formal' obedience isn't merely taught. Pressure is involved in formalizing obedience, so your read of the pup will have to be done first hand. How is his attention span? By now you will have CC'd to "Here" (You're finishing that up, right?). He should show you how sensitive he is under those conditions, and that should lead you to decide when to start sticking to sit, for example.

    Her attention span has greatly improved since she was a little puppy. I have noticed that she is starting to blow off some commands more regularly. She use to be able to stay in a sit/stay with distractions around and if she would get up it would only take a reminder or two. I am currently finishing up CC to here, but I starting to study the material for the next step. I am a little confused on what you mean by the last two sentences. Could you explain that a little more to me?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Evan View Post
    Yes, but spend some time with Heel & Sit first. Do some pressure conditioning with the heeling stick. Then you will likely only need a session or two of CC to 'here' to finish it off. Plan on 3-5 days of stick to sit so you're not relying on fewer sessions with overt pressure to solidify your dog.


    Sounds good!

    We started heeling and sit with the heeling stick and choke chain this afternoon, I figured I will have the next 5 or 6 days where I can train twice a day every day since we have the holiday and all that, after that it will be back to once a day at the most.

    What is the typical time span between starting formalizing heel, sit, come, and down to starting force fetch?


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    I updated Rowdy's training log to show some of the early work milestones.


    Hope this helps guide you in your training.
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