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Thread: worried about possible hip issue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pam Spears View Post
    , but then again, shouldn't we ALL be trying to keep our (non-conformation) dogs lean and fit anyway?
    Some of us even keep those show dogs lean and fit! But then again the dogs like to play doggy games and live a real life.
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    Never intended to be critical of the show dogs, LOL. I like a fit dog myself, even in the ring. I guess I've just heard so many conformation people mention that their dual purpose dogs sometimes get knocked by judges for not carrying quite enough weight that a little bias crept into my comment.
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    The most important argument for getting it diagnosed by a vet is that for certain things, like cruciate injuries, you'd need to keep her quiet and avoid exercise as much as possible and for others, like hip dysplasia, exercise to build up the muscles around the joint is important. (Wouldn't you feel bad if you were working her and made it worse, because you didn't know?) As far as being "labeled" as dysplastic if that is, in fact, what's wrong, you needn't tell anyone what the xrays look like, but having the knowledge yourself is important, because you'll know, as others already mentioned, to keep her lean, fit and muscled to make her working life as normal as possible.
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    Thank you all for the advice and information. Since the post I have been keeping her kenneled (four days). today I noticed no limp or any lameness and no bunny hop at all. I have to go to the vet next week and get some shots anyway so I'll mention the problem and have him look at it even if she seems fine.

    Would you guys insist on an X-ray or just tell him the problem and let him check her out? He's a good vet and owns his own hunting retriever. We actually got pups at the same time and used the same trainer for a while and he is very familiar with her.

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    Let him be the judge. What better than a vet that knows your dog and has experience with working dogs. If he things it warrants an x-ray then that is what you should do, but if he things all is OK then take his advice.

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    Way to many unknowns but it's lasted this long (rather than going insane with what ifs ) take to vet to determine. Still I know a bunch of people that have injuries that manifested in such a way, coming and going; most of the time it's a pulled muscle or a sprain that needs rest to repair (3-4 mts.). The pop would bug me (but I'd be thinking tendons-ligaments etc. before hips). I wouldn't insist on an x-ray, but you did say she was two? It's about time to check the hips for OFA anyway and x-ray could tell you where you stand on her hips, always nice to know .
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