Any body ever deal with dog depression?
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Thread: Any body ever deal with dog depression?

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    Default Any body ever deal with dog depression?

    Less than a week ago my 11 year old female passed away. Ever since that day my 6 year old black male has been acting different. They were always together from the day the male was a puppy. He is turning down food that he used to scarf down. This is the part that worries me. Also he just lays around the house when he used to be pretty hyper.

    Now when we go hunting or go out of the house he acts 100 % normal. He hunts hard and happy. When we go see friends with other dogs he is fine and in good spirits. I just hate seeing him like this around the house and Im very concerned about him not eating like usual.

    Im taking him to the vet in the morning for a check up just to be sure but he was completely normal until the day Jill did not come home.
    Just looking to see if any of you have ever had this happen and what I can do to help it.
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    Default Dog Depression

    Yes. After the sudden death of the female, my male was very lonely. I got him a puppy and he loved it. I knew he would because he had raised the female that died. We loved her, too. They are both over the bridge now and we have other labs.


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    Dogs do show the loss of a companion, usually time heals their hearts as it does ours, the worst I have seen it last was 1 month. If you get a new puppy that would be the best choice but not knowing your situation it may not work for you. Give him time and maybe spend some special time with him in the house, usually a stuffed toy helps some to ease the loneliness he is feeling.
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    Yes, when I lost one suddenly, I saw it. I found that spending as much time w/ the others that I could (training, taking long walks, etc) was the best medicine. A holistic vet offered to make a Bach remedy of sorts to spray/wipe on the dogs' faces or bedding that helped soothe the dogs (and us) as well.

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    they do grieve, just like we do. I lost my first lab at 17 months old. he was BFF with my friend's dog. They went every where together. Training, the lab specialty, etc. She loved my dog. It was obvious to anyone who saw them together. The day I had to put him down, she was in the truck, and the mistake we made was not showing her the body. For a long time, she would not even come up to me to let me pet her. And she would look for him at the window. She had to be hand fed for a month, and only laid on the last blanket he slept on. Since that time, I have made sure that the buddy knows what happened to the other one. It helps them to have closure.

    Just give him extra attention, and he'll be OK. A vet check up is always a good thing. Sorry to both of you for your loss of Jill.

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    I've seen a similar situation with my first two dogs. Everybody's thoughts are good ones. If you can do it, this is a good time for a new pup. Your 6-year old is at a good age for a new friend. I'm sorry that you and your male lab lost Jill. I wish you both better days ahead.
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    We lost a female suddenly and our male had been together with her for 9 years. We got a new pup within a short time and that really helped him out.

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    I had a very similar situation years ago, with my male being very depressed when his dam died. After a few days I 'borrowed' a happy out-going bitch to come stay with us for awhile. Made a HUGE difference to my male! The bitch was a kennel dog so she enjoyed being a house dog for awhile too!

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