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Thread: Gross Subject

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    "with 4 invariable someone is pooping every time they go out and we can't keep up at that speed"
    I have four Labs and one with the problem. There is no way (for me at least) to just live with it. My four are let out together into a small, enclosed airing yard that is well lit at night.

    First of all, there is no excuse for not being able to keep up with the cleaning. I'm out there taking care of it rain, snow or cold...immediately. They go...and I supervise/pickup....every time. The dog (with the penchant) wears an e-collar (a four is enough). He quickly learned to "go as sent" by crating him inside (if he didn't) until the next time they all went out. Under those "rules" he became very determined to take care of business. Lapses only occur if I become lazy.

    In addition, with four dogs returning to the house..."tracking in" can create a major cleaning problem. It is surprising how much filth a dog can bring back into the house on their paws (even when the yard is clean). I've solved that problem, too.

    Who is in charge?
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