My young female lab (65 lbs) has had two previous episodes of limp tail.
Today she had three long land blinds and two land marks and a short land blind,1 medium long water blind and 1 short water mark
and was thoroughly dried with a towel, staked for 30 minutes in a sunny location out of the wind and then had a 1 hour ride in a crate.
3 hours later and she now has a painful limp tail. I gave her 75mg of Rimidyl. Then remembered I have Dr. Ed's Ayur Boswellia Serrata.
Wondering if it would be safe to start that too? If not,how soon? as it is clear she needs something to continue water work this winter.
My local vet has no idea about this - last time it happened he wanted to xray her tail when all I wanted was anti-inflamatories.
Water temperature was about 50' and air temperature approximately 60'.