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Thread: Parvo vs. Socialization

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    Default Parvo vs. Socialization

    My wife and I just picked up our new pup last Thursday. He will be my first that I train for retrieving and hunting. Things are going great. He is a pleasure to have in our house already.

    I plan on starting him off with the Hillman DVD but have read quite a few other books about retriever training and feel like I have a good foundation of knowledge to get him started.

    The only issue I am struggling with is what to do about socializing him with the threat of Parvo. Apparently in the area I live in it is quite a threat right now. Obviously keeping him alive supersedes him going around other dogs and getting sick, but I know how important it is to get him out. I have done several internet searches and asked my vet as well as some buddies who had the same issue with their dogs and I am still searching for answers. He will be 15 weeks when he gets his fourth round of shots so he should be ready to explore the world at 16 weeks. Will he still be open to socializing at this age?

    I am trying to get as many people of all ages to come visit us at my house and spend time with him, and I plan on taking him on alot of car rides. Beyond that I need some advice from those who know better than I do.


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    Our puppies that we keep generally start going training with us after the first set of shots. We also socialize them with our adult dogs. If you have friends with "safe" adult dogs that do not go to dog parks, pet stores, etc, you "should" be ok socializing the pup with them.
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    meet 100 new people in the first 100 days. don't worry about meeting other dogs. stay safe until all the shots are in and beyond if possible.
    john mccallie

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    There are lots of other socializing that you can do with your pup, such as mentioned above. Best to avoid other dogs until shots complete. JMO
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    I socialize do my young pups during the first 20 weeks and their puppy shots series. BUT: I don't frequent places where dogs I don't know or dogs I know are sick frequent. If I don't know, I don't go.....We have a network of friends with healthy dogs, up to date health records, as well as our own mutts. Those are what we work with first. Dog parks and public trails, where unknown dogs frequent are off limits until shots are in effect. Talk to your vet about this. Don

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    Thanks for the help. I just wanted to make sure he was not going to be short changed but I am doing all the things that are being suggested. Thanks!
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    Be aware that parvo can also follow you home. Not suggesting you live in a bubble by any means, but a trip to a petsmart and stepping in old contaminated fecal you dont see that is on the floor or outside, or getting too close to an effected carrier that rubs up against you with fecal on its coat is all it takes to bring it home. Be aware of where you are and your surroundings, your dog doesnt have to be with you is the point. Try and avoid those kind of places if you can until all vaccines are done.
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    I live in a very bad parvo area and my boy didn't even see the front yard until his shots were all done. He was carried into the vet in a puppy crate and I didn't let him walk on the floor in the lobby. After that we went everywhere and I exposed him to everything I could. Better safe than sorry.

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