Republicans said it’s the first time the Senate has ever knowingly confirmed such a high official who is currently being investigated by an inspector general, and said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has set a new precedent.

But Mr. Reid questioned the investigation’s credibility and said approving Alejandro Mayorkas to the No. 2 post at Homeland Security was too important to put off until after Congress’s two-week Christmas vacation.

“This is all kind of inside Washington politics,” he said in dismissing investigation. Indeed, the inspector general who was leading the probe quit his job earlier this week in order to duck criticism, adding to the drama.

Mr. Mayorkas is currently the chief of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, one of the immigration branches within the Homeland Security department. As director, he has been accused of overruling career officers in his agency in order to approve visa applications sought by well-connected Democrats, including Mr. Reid.

The vote was along party lines, 54-41, signaling that it’s clear Mr. Mayorkas wouldn’t have been cleared if the old filibuster rules were still in place.
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There's no question in my mind that Reid had a big agenda when he exercised the nuclear option. He will go down in history, for sure, but maybe not the way he'd prefer to be remembered. OTOH, maybe he doesn't care about that.