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Thread: Holding bumper funny

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    Default Holding bumper funny

    I've been through FF with my pup but the last couple weeks he's been bringing back bumpers either by the very end where the throw rope is tied, or in his mouth like a cigar. Is this something that has to be corrected? I've been trying to command give, and then fetch and force him to hold it in his mouth sideways in the middle and then command hold. How else can I fix this?

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    You're probably not getting any responses because this has been discussed lots before. Some say don't worry about it and others say do and provide all kinds of remedies. You can find previous information by searching "cigar hold".
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    Both of my pups will hold a bumper "cigar" style at times but usually during the hand off portion of the retrieve. I am one of those who does not test or trial who says its not that big of a deal. However I'm positive that there are many here who will disagree. Good Luck.

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