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Thread: advice on launchers

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    Default advice on launchers

    any thoughts or suggestions on hand held launchers or the kind with a stock? Retriev-R-Trainer vs. Lucky launcher vs. DT systems? Thanks

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    I would make getting one with a stock a priority. It will free up one hand.

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    And take up recoil which my wife says is too much for her dainty hands.
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    I had a lucky dog and loved it, someone else loves it now........Stole it off my truck

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    Stock adds expense & storage space. I have both and only use
    hand held. D.T. has cushioned handle, when held properly with heel of hand upward, does not kick. (too much)
    D.T.has shell ejector. Some of the others do not.
    Makes removing the spent casing easier. No tools required.
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