Merry Christmas to all...I B Back, Thank God!
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Thread: Merry Christmas to all...I B Back, Thank God!

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    Default Merry Christmas to all...I B Back, Thank God!

    Words cannot express my sincere thanks too all you beloved RTFers and RTFettes that had me in your thoughts and prayers the past few months. My surgeries were touch and go since I went in initially for repair to an aneurism on my abdominal aorta, which was accomplished in 9 hours. No sooner had I been rolled into the ICU, my heart gave out and they returned my to the OR for 13 hours while I received quadruple bypass surgery. Then I was in the ICU for over 3 weeks. Later I was transported to Advance Care Hospital in Billings MT. That lasted about a month while I received constant wound care, including a wound vac, and physical therapy. All these Doc's, nurses, techs, and PT professionals were better than the best...and I loved them all, just some more than others.

    I returned home the 20th of November, so had a very enjoyable Thanksgiving day with family. I'm still receiving a lot of wound care and PT exercises, both at Rapid City Regional hospital, and in home health care visits.

    About the only irreparable problem that came from the extended time in the OR was my right leg became paralyzed from the knee down. My surgeon, God Bless him, had to make choices when salvaging me from an extended dirt nap. I will be wearing a brace on my right leg, but my mind is still able to function as normally as it did prior to all the time spent in the OR and ICU.

    After I was returned to the ICU the second time, my eldest son who had flown in from Salt Lake City, informed me in a phone call while I was in Billings, that I looked like I weighed 400 pounds, I had been pumped so full of fluids to maintain my organs in their proper location. It apparently took the three weeks plus in the ICU to drain off those fluids and return me to normal weight. Since then, however, I have lost over 30 lbs and am below 200 for the first time since I was discharged from the service. BUT, I wouldn't recommend this form of "dieting" to anyone.

    This 'thank you' would have been sent several weeks ago, but it's been only yesterday afternoon that the PT gal allowed me to go down the 12 stairs to my office in the basement where my computer is located.

    All the kind sentiments proffered on this message board are sincerely appreciated. I especially want to send extra thanks to our RTF founder, Chris A. for the call while in Billings. I know it took special effort on his part to locate me. Our visit was tremendously uplifting. As were the calls from Otey, and Miriam, and Kev, and Rich, and especially my director of information, the original MG...Mike Baker! Gooser, you are very special.


    PS If you would be so kind, Ms Super Moderator Vicky, please copy this over to the RTF POTUS Page as well, where many of my well wishers, and detractors, reside. Like I mentioned earlier...I love them all, only some more than others.
    When the one you love becomes a memory, that memory becomes a treasure.

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    Glad your back UB

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    Uncle Bill,

    welcome back! I really enjoyed our talk a few weeks ago. It was lots of fun connecting and talking about memories of past dogs, past tests, past hunts, as well as today and the adventures that lie ahead.

    It's great to see your post on RTF.

    Merry Christmas and a very prosperous 2014 to you and yours!


    "Determining and applying the criteria for when and when not to use correction is the essence of the art of dog training. I make a distinction between a mistake and a lack of effort." - Mike Lardy - Volume I "After Collar Conditioning"

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    Welcome back.
    Glad your better.

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    Welcome home and Happy Holidays to you and yours! Good to have you back UB.

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    Merry Christmas and welcome back!!

    According to this BMI chart, I am too short !!!

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    whew, i am glad you are finally back to shed light on things that matter!
    john mccallie

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    Glad to have you back. Should be a special Xmas for you and yours.

    Never trust a dog to watch your food!

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    From the Great White North .... Welcome back Uncle Bill!

    Chris & Sue

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    Wow, great to hear from you. Welcome back and it is indeed a Merry Christmas!


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