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Thread: Merry Chistmas and Don't Forget to Enroll!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buzz View Post
    All this talk about intelligence got me looking for a minute:

    IQ and occupationUpon review of the Hauser study, some additional research was done on our end, which resulted in the discovery of a somewhat comparable breakdown of the professions listed in the chart. They are as follows:

    Average IQ Score: 140 Top civil servants, Professors, and Scientists

    Average IQ Score: 130 Surgeons, Lawyers, and Architects / Engineers

    Average IQ Score: 120 School teachers, Pharmacists, Accountants, Nurses, and Managers

    Average IQ Score: 110 Foremen, Clerks, Salesmen, Policemen, and Electricians

    Average IQ Score: 100 Machine operators, Welders, and Butchers

    Average IQ Score: 90 Laborers, Gardeners, Miners, Sorters, and Factory packers

    Been a while since I saw the actual numbers but maybe this will give the gist. Those of high IQ are 8 times more likely to abuse drugs. They are 4 times more likely to make poor grades. They are more likely to have difficulty getting along with those of the same age. So we have drug addicts, poor students, and those who can't get along, running our government, teaching our college kids and doing scientific research on global warming????

    Ok, ok please don't take the conclusions serious. Just wanted to point out how one can use statistics to come up with flawed conclusions, something you are pretty good at.

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    Default nailed it on that one!

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