share some of the funniest reasons people have given for not buying your dog
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Thread: share some of the funniest reasons people have given for not buying your dog

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    Default share some of the funniest reasons people have given for not buying your dog

    today i sold a fantastic 26 month old hunting/hunt test dog. he is nafc x 17 aa point, without a win bitch. many people have called to inquire about him. i thought i would share a few of the "reasons" the tire kickers gave for not buying this fine animal, followed by my responses. btw congrats to the very lucky new owners!

    1. after 28 text messages and setting an appointment to meet and evaluate, a guy from louisiana who was looking for a hunting dog says, "my six year old daughter wants a chocolate dog so we are not coming today."
    to which i reply, "fantastic!"
    he asks, "why do you feel us not coming is fantastic?"
    immediately i say, "because i don't want my dog going to a home where six year olds make such decisions and a home that would rather have a chocolate dog!"

    2. after several texts, calls and discussions with another the next question is, "is he white or just yellow?"
    my response was, "no. thank you!"
    he inquires, "no thank you?"
    i say, "NO, he is not white. THANK YOU for your inquiry, good bye."

    3. a good hunt test pro calls and says, "my client really wants him, do you still have him?"
    i say yes, but he is with a guide friend picking up duck for his hunts. he asks that i go two hours away to get him so i can bring him to atlanta tomorrow to meet. i agree.
    the next morning, a text, "my client loves the pedigree, needs a dog that can run master in the spring and handle now it's working out great. can you send some pics?"
    i send the pics and head towards atlanta.
    a call comes in, "john, i know this is stupid but my client's wife said your dog's nose is too long. they don't want him."
    my reply was, "well tell your client my dog said his wife's butt was too wide and he wasn't coming to live with her anyway!"
    john mccallie

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    I think your responses are funnier than their reasons.

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    Brings back bad memories and i wasn't quick enough with the wide wife jokes...

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    Not necessarily funny, but whenever a guy tells me he will check with the wife and "let me know" I delete the e mail or erase the phone number.
    just last week, had a real nice 2 year old sold at a bargain $ to a fellow who wanted a Master ready dog that this one was. Sent pedigree, you tube training videos, hip x rays etc. Had it set up for him to come pick up the dog on a Thursday which meant would miss a whole week of duck hunting on my place in illinois. Get a text Wed. night 11 PM after we all went to bed that things changed at work and he was not coming. Bad luck for him. good and bad for me. Missed the hunting but sold him to a better home the next day.
    I have some pups coming in january so I'll have some more by then I am sure.
    The pain of regret is much worse than the pain of hard work.

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    None of its fun or funny. Generally dealing with the public sucks. Most want something for nothing. Have no idea what they want and don't know it when they see it. When they see it, it's not the same as Ol' Rex. When it's the same as Ol' Rex they never paid that much for Ol' Rex. When they pay that much should he still beat his tail on the coffee table so much, he peed on the Grand Father clock, my wife says he does not listen to her (which makes EVERYONE in that house - vile acting children) blah blah blah

    An some people wonder why Joe did not return their call and boy Jim was not very pleasant at the hunt test and why I'm NOT sending 27 you tube videos of Boomer to someone across the country, when they ask how much shipping costs .......DING DING DING buy a local dog you can go see.
    Discipline is no excuse for a lack of enthusiasm !!

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    This is kinda off topic, but it follows the theme of dealing with the public. The following however was between myself and a Co- worker.

    His sons dog dies. He is visibly upset about the long story situation. He approaches me to build him an Urn to give to his son as a gift. He asks me how long it will take me to make him one.
    I told him I was a bit busy , but would work him in.

    that weekend, the temp never got out of single digits . I worked in the unheated shop till Urn was done, and presented it to him Monday morning.

    He took it, thanked me, i only charged him for material.

    five days later he comes to work with the Urn. He says he was surprised that the creamstory supplied him with a very pretty balsa wood urn, that be thought looked nicer than Goosers, and asked for his money back, saying , the box from the crematory was free.

    I was proud of myself, I took out my wallet and gave him his money. I didnt say a word,,, but boy I wanted to.

    some people just suck!

    It is far easier to spit on the work of others than it is to produce something better yourself.
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    Senior Member Bruce MacPherson's Avatar
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    None of this stuff surprises me anymore. People are what they are. I had a guy fly cross country to look at a dog I had for sale, ran the dog in a training group, wrote me a check for the dog and the next morning when I picked him up, at the motel I paid for, to take him back to the airport, with the dog in tow, he told me his wife was concerned that the dog might get the new carpets in the house dirty and he didn't have a kennel run, really.
    "The longer you let a dog go in the wrong direction the more they think they are going in the right direction" Don Remien.

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    Senior Member Margo Ellis's Avatar
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    Having just been one of the "buyers" (more of a researcher for my husbands new dog) I truly appreciated the breeders taking the time to answer all my questions via email and phone calls. I do ask some "odd" questions but there are usually good reasons for them. I have chosen to not be a breeder for some of the very reasons given here. I would fret over where the pups were going and what sort of person was going to be taking care of them. My hat is off those of you that do the breeding because I really don't know if I could deal with some of the buyers.
    Margo Ellis

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    Senior Member roseberry's Avatar
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    this is a different dog but true and funny none the less. last fall a doctor fom nashville agreed to buy a sure nuff derby/qual prospect from me.(the dog did get derby jams and a qual win and 2nd last spring) the buyer was a client of a nearby field trial pro. the pro demo'ed the dog and collected the check for me and was to keep the dog in training. i drove by the pro's place on friday night and picked up the check. on our way out my wife says, "the mega millions lottery is $614 million. since we are close to georgia lets go buy a couple of tickets!" we don't have lottery in alabama. reluctantly i said, "sure honey."

    saturday morning before the drive through window at the local fnb opened, i get a call from the pro. he says, "the doctor called and said when he got home last night his wife had been drinking ALOT. she demanded a divorce. he said she didn't know about the dog purchase and he didn't want her attorney to know what he paid for a dog if things got to that point in their settlement! he is asking that you return the check." i said i would bring the check and pick up the dog.

    when i get to the pro's a saturday client training day is in process. everyone was saying how they regretted this happened and laughing about the situation. i told them, "you guys just don't know how devastating the last 24 hours have been for me financially. i went to bed last night confident that i was $614 million, eight thousand dollars richer than i am right now!"
    john mccallie

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    Thats exactly true, most want something for nothing. I love it when people call and come across as critiquing your work. Thats a red flag to me, I don't want to have to deal with those that think they know everything about retriever training and think telling me they know a few "big wigs" in the game is going to get me excited. I just tell them they probably need to just buy a puppy and train their own dog.
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