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Thread: Dog kennel on Pavers

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    I've installed the 12" x 12" concrete pavers (for a walkway, not a kennel) pretty much the way Gunssmoke describes, except I'd not heard of locking sand, which sounds very useful. I think pavers look nicer than concrete but, IMO, if you do them correctly, they are at least as much trouble to install as concrete and are about as permanent.

    You can't just pull up the sod, rake the ground level, and lay the pavers down. You have to do the foundation work of digging several inches and putting in the gravel base, then sand. Otherwise, frost heaving and roots will ruin your nice level surface. (Maybe frost heaving isn't such an issue in Louisiana, I don't know.) Also, laying those pavers side by side to create a smooth surface is a major headache.

    I'd find a place in the yard where a future home buyer might like to have a paver or concrete surface. Instead of planning to pull the pavers out when you leave, install the sides of the kennel in such a way that they are easy to remove.
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    I did treated wood decking, just like you would build a deck on your house, and am very happy with it. I had plywood on my last one and it sucked. It eventually started to sag and water/urine didn't drain. The decking works great though. Water and urine drains and it doesn't absorb. It keeps the dog clean and out of the mud. The only problem I have had is that I tried to Thompson water seal it too quick. The treated wood really needs to have a year on it before you seal it bc it won't absorb the sealant. I put the sealant on 3 months after I built the platform and it wouldn't absorb bc it was already sealed enough with being treated.

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