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Thread: go pro camera

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    Default go pro camera

    I posted this on the hrc web site and didn't get much feed back . so here goes, would any judges on here allow a dog to run with a camera strapped to it? the only reason I can think of, in the hrc rule book to prevent it, would be a safety factor. I guess you could call it a training device but that would be a stretch. I haven't seen one yet at a test but they seem to be gaining popularity . so it just seems to be a matter of time.

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    Not a HT judge, but if you can't run a dog wearing a collar, I can't imagine that running a dog wearing a camera is going to be any more acceptable.

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    God I hope not. It's already annoying enough to watch people update Facejob.
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    Read the rule book and get your answer Mr Dave has it right.
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