Arkansas hunt got a little sideway, but went uphill after that
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Thread: Arkansas hunt got a little sideway, but went uphill after that

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    Default Arkansas hunt got a little sideway, but went uphill after that

    Just got back from my lease in Oneida. Decided Saturday at 5:00 AM to go and take 3 kids for a two day hunt. I guess I'm not a big planner. Anyway, we drove in no rain until 10 miles from the big river and were hit by a tornado in the truck. It picked my trailer up about two feet and the. Back end of the truck and turned us and almost threw us in the field. Never in my life have I truly thought I was going to die until then, and there wasn't a dang thing I could do. Came back by yesterday where it hit us and saw signs and trees down and an irrigation pivot twisted like a pretzel. I just thank God for protecting us.

    On a good note, the kids had a blast and killed some first. Lots of ducks in the air, just cloudy and hard to get them in range for a 20 ga. The weather man on my phone is awesome. Forecast said sun Sunday and Monday, which we saw none. Not only that, but my alarm went off on my phone with a tornado warning right after we were hit. I guess that was accurate.
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    Glad it turned out great.
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    Happy you are safe and had a good hunt.
    It is often the hunts that are hardest to get to that are best.
    Or hunts you think you need to go home but do not.
    I once found a years old duck blind part under water by putting it's nails up through some brand new chest waders and into one of my feet. Three of us limited that day. I never took the waders off until at the doctor. Odd looks in the waiting room that visit
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