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Thread: Empire Sanction results

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    Default Empire Sanction results

    Our first Sanction A field trial results
    Open - Judges Tom Hawley & Larry Neyman
    1st #6 Afc Aran Island' Mr Rooney - O/H Pat Martin
    2nd #13 Nightwatch Navigator - O/H Lew Weller
    3rd #9 Abaco's Esprit Goombay Smash MH - O/H Jim Liviskie
    4th South Forks A dandy Dream O F& A Clifton/H Art Alexander
    RJ # 14 Windstone's Abaco Gathers No - O/H Jim Liviskie
    # 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 15,

    Qualifying - Gerry Pozzebon & John Lash
    1st #6 Abaco Second Chance O/H Jim Liviskie
    2nd #7 Nubian V O/H Mick Presco
    3rd #12 Thunderhead Hurricane mattie MH O/H Chuck Tiranno
    4th #3Bella Luna - Tic O/H Doug Wilson
    RJ #11 Mjolnir Bluebill of Allanport O/H Scott Adams
    It's all about the blue
    Mr Quick
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    Mocha 2000-2013
    Blackstorms Code Breaker - Cypher 2004-2009
    Blackstorms Pull The Cord MNH - Tug 1999-2009
    Nightwatch Better Bear*** - Bear 1999-2003
    Black Storms Zip it up SH - Zip
    Dubh Storim Errigh -Storm 1991-1993
    Honcho's Hitman*** GMHR - (Gunner) 1981-1996
    Blaze 1994-2005
    Sam 1988-?
    Alyse 1986-1997
    Thor 1985-1988

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    What a great day my boy Robert & I had. He got to sit at the flyer station in the qual for both marking series. It was like centre ice at the Stanley Cup final!!! Glynn's ability to keep a great attitude and sense of humor while running the show sets a great example of what a trial can be.
    The only thing I might change is that steadiness could be optional.
    NAFTCH FTCH AFTCH Mjolnir Bluebill Of Allanport
    Flatlands Bayduck of Allanport
    Dakota Creek Teal of Allanport

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