Dog Box removal from pickup
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Thread: Dog Box removal from pickup

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    Senior Member Dave Flint's Avatar
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    Default Dog Box removal from pickup

    Iím working on plans to build a rack/stand so I can get my 2 dog box in and out of my truck by myself on occasion. Anyone have any experience w/ this sort of thing who has any tips?
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    We have had good success with a large oak tree, a hunk of rope and a come-along! Not sure the neighbors liked it much though when we left it hanging there for a week or so while we traded trucks!
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    Senior Member Ken Bora's Avatar
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    I know one guy that does it.
    He got a very nice top of line type kids swing set.
    When he wants the box out he backs under it, hooks 2 come-alongs (one each side)
    lifts it up a couple inches and drives out.
    The rest of the time it is just a normal swing set on his lawn.
    only odd thing is he does not have any kids.
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    I have built a rolling rack that I push to the tailgate strap it to truck on each side. Then push the box on it. unstrap box and roll away. PM me if you need pics.

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    Senior Member JoeOverby's Avatar
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    Winch in the barn...lower onto a couple furniture dollies and roll out of the way...for years though dad just picked his up with a set of forks on his tractor...
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    Senior Member HNTFSH's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ken Bora View Post
    only odd thing is he does not have any kids.
    lol...well if he comes by some they'll be OK if even a bit chunky.
    We shoot dogs with a Canon

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    Hard top removal system for jeep or old bronco is a good starting point. Look them up and make your own a lot cheaper.

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    In the back yard I built a table against the fence. Its the same height of my tailgate, twice as wide as the dog box and two foot deeper. I can drop the tailgate, back right up to it and slide the box in and out. I also built a lower shelf into it for putting pots and any other gardening type stuff. I built it with treated 2x4 frame and use fence pickets to top it and make the shelf so it would blend in with the fence. Table could also double as a force fetch table and project table when working in the yard.

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