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Thread: IS this the proper action to take

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    You have gotten some good suggestions here. I would like to add that in addition to all the good things that have been mentioned that crate training would be a great thing for you to be doing right now. Pup can't get in trouble in the crate and I would suggest he be there at all times when he is not getting your undivided attention. That alone will solve a lot of your issue.

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    If you figure it out, come fix my 5 1/2 year old BLM's garbage habit would ya?
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    garbage cans with lids work wonders unless there's something really special in the can. from personal experience, I would also suggest you not put your toddler's diapers in any can the pup can get too. They are like candy to dogs, and very dangerous. Our chessie lost interest when he realized he couldn't get in the can, so there is hope in sight!

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    Can you put a tab on his collar and just give it a quick small jerk and say no and then engage the pup in something positive? Teach him to sit immediately after he puts his feet on the ground and give him a treat.

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    Put the dang garbage can in the kitchen cabinet under the sink and save yourself a lot of grief over a) picking up garbage all the time and b) the vet bills (and possibly the urn for his ashes) when your puppy eats something dangerous.
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    I had this problem with one of my dogs and a great one shot solution.

    I caught the little goof in the act- head in the can with only his tail sticking out. I quietly came from behind and grabbed the liner and had him trapped. I never made a sound, but spun him around on the floor as fast as I could for five or six turns then shoved him to slide across the kitchen floor into a wall. Not enough to hurt him, but to give a sudden stop.

    Then I backed quietly out of the kitchen and waited a few seconds to come back in to find a dizzy puppy who never touched another trash can the rest of his life. Until the day he died, I think he believed that trash can attacked him.
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    If you leave an eleven week old Pup unattended with access to food and mischief you'll get what you got (and more!) ; he's still in the socialisation phase and will examine everything that he comes across. It's all part of his learning about the world and nothing much to worry about, and there will no doubt be other behaviours he will have to be corrected on.

    First, prevention being better than cure, as has been suggested make sure that he can't reach whatever he's after that you don't want him to get into. You know the house layout better than we do, so that should be easy.

    Correcting him need not, and should not be harsh; he's only a puppy and has very limited understanding and reasoning powers, so the ear pinch won't mean as much to him as a more mature dog who understands that he can turn off physical pain by doing something. All he knows is that his ear hurts. There are all sorts of strategies for altering behaviour, and punishment, usually the first resort isn't particularly effective and sometimes makes things more difficult. For example, slapping his bum could go wrong on you; he might very easily become hand shy and seek to dodge out of the way when he sees a sudden hand movement.

    I don't ear pinch at any phase of training and as above, don't think it's appropriate for a puppy anyway. The only aversives I use on youngsters are a verbal "no" spoken very low down and growly, and maybe a gentle scruff shake. It's close enough what his Mom would give him in the nest and easier for him to accept.

    To develop what JusticeDog suggested, you might consider teaching him a behaviour that is incompatible to bad stuff, something simple he can do, that he finds fun and rewarding but which he can't do with his schnozzle in the trash bin! A simple "sit" followed by a treat and lots of fuss would be handy, as is an equally simple "place" command, where he can scamper to a certain spot and again have a treat and cuddles. That way he learns what "no" means, a valuable lesson in itself, and the behaviour is stopped.

    So the sequence would be .... bad behaviour begets a "No". Pup pauses and is then given his "incompatible" cue. Pup plays his part of the game and is rewarded.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Majja13 View Post
    11 weeks. I like the mouse trap Idea but it is a no go with the 2 yr old around the house. I will switch to a rump slap.
    do you have one of these?
    it is all my Grandmother ever used

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    I would put your trash in a secure place behind closed doors. Personally, we have a trash those things are GREAT. Outside we went to a dumpster. Keeps dogs out and bears out, for the most part. Don

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    MY old JRT, Russell, had a garbage habit when I got him.

    I set him up. Left the lid open with something tempting inside (not that the lid ever stopped him, but I wanted to make my correction easy) and stepped around the corner. When he jumped up to knock it over, I came in behind him, stuffed him in the garbage can, shut the lid, and rolled it across the kitchen floor a few times. (not unlike the old time deer breaking method). And that was the end of his dumpster diving.
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