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Thread: Brucellosis

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    Default Brucellosis

    Can a dog or bitch contract Brucellosis without an actual breeding occurring?
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    B. canis occurs in the fetus, placenta, fetal fluids and vaginal discharge after an abortion or stillbirth. It can persist in vaginal discharges for several weeks after an abortion. It is also shed in normal vaginal secretions, particularly during estrus, as well as in milk. High concentrations of B. canis may be found in semen for weeks or months after infection, and intermittent shedding of smaller quantities can occur for years. B.canis is also shed in urine, and low concentrations of bacteria may be excreted in saliva, nasal and ocular secretions, and feces.

    In dogs, B. canis primarily enters the body by ingestion and through the genital,oronasal and conjunctival mucosa, but transmission through broken skin may also be possible. Most cases are thought to be acquired by venereal transmission or by contact with the fetus and fetal membranes after abortions and stillbirths. Puppies can be infected in utero, and may remain persistently infected even if they appear normal. Nursing puppies can be infected from milk, but the importance of this route is controversial. Other potential sources of infection include blood transfusions and contaminated syringes.

    B. canis can be spread on fomites. In conditions of high humidity, low temperatures and no sunlight, Brucella spp. can remain viable for several months in water, aborted fetuses, feces, equipment and clothing. Brucella species can withstand drying, particularly when organic material is present, and can survive in dust and soil. Survival is longer when the temperature is low, particularly when it is below freezing.


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    Here is a good summary of what is known about this problem. see:


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    Thank you for posting this info.

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    I agree thank you for posting very informative.

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