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Thread: Legal Types: What Are my Chances of winning???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rnd View Post
    I'm banking on this Claus to cover the poop. "private property without the prior
    express permission of the owner of such property"

    Thanks, Randy
    Go back and read that ordinance carefully. The express permission clause is in the first part that you quoted and means that the pooping is not unlawful if you have permission. Regardless, the second part seems to require you to pick it up whether you have permission or not. It pretty clearly says remove any feces on any public or private property other than that of the owner.
    Steve Wyatt

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    I must admit that this thread has been very amusing. Makes me wonder if I should put up a sign at the farm stating "Let your dog poop on this property but BE SURE TO LEAVE IT. It makes good fertilizer"!

    I will further say that I have NEVER seen a handler walk out 100 yards during a HT and pick up poop left by his dog on the retrieve of a bird, regardless whether the land was public or private.

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    4 pages of $hit, gotta love the PC Po-Po.
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    It sure would be interesting to find a letter printed out threating you and your dog that s****s where ever it feels like. The leo's would definitely be more interested in that than poop. They most likely would have a prime suspect of who wrote that letter, might even pay them a visit.

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    I think the poop part has been thoroughly analyzed. As to restraint, there is language to effect "and allow the dog to run at large." Might look at it as a two part test- on leash restrained- ok. If not restrained by leash the animal cannot be allowed to run at large. Certainly you were not allowing that. So unless the dog was off leash AND being allowed to run at large- not guilty.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RookieTrainer View Post
    Are you saying I am a crap stirrer?????
    In scientific terms a feces homogenizer. You'll have to provide the legal terminology!
    Mark Land

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    Just an up date: Since many of you had offered help/Ideas/opinions/ and criticism I thought it only proper to report back with the results....And thank you for your input!!!!

    First a couple of points for clarity. The OP was written in the heat of the moment (less than 24 hours from citation) I omitted some details to try and keep it short and to the point.

    1) As far as the condition of the property; It is semi rural, 1 acre +/- and maintained like I would any other "aring/exercise yard". You're entitled to your opinions on that.

    2) Although I insisted the L.E.O. write the citation there was NOTHING I could have done to prevent it. ( I found out post fact) It seems that the complaints were going to the township supervisors, Chief of police, AND the animal control office.....He (LEO) had to do something....(I believe he made the wrong choice, but we already know that)

    Although I am not an attorney I know that "Anybody that represents themselves has a fool for a client". (unknown) That wasn't going to be me.

    So,I retained the services of one our local ambulance chasers (The guys that advertise on tv you know the type...Gunslingers )

    Once again to try and keep it short, I'll give the 30,000 foot version.

    We get to the Court House. (Municipal building. Read small town) My counsel and LEO go behind closed doors for a discussion....It is a somewhat long discussion 15-20 minutes.

    After hearing most of my defense LEO offered a Plea......Reduced to yada,yada, Counsel says "We are not going to plea to anything"....I had told counsel that if I lost I was prepared to appeal. No compromises.

    About that time the Judge walks into the room and says "Failure to keep a gog contained"! "What are we all doing here this morning"? Judge goes on to ask LEO if he has ever had any problems with me in the past??? Leo starts to go on about warning, phone calls, and stammering etc.etc. Judge says that was a yes or no question.....Response then, NO. Judge,, Thank you.

    Judge tells counsel to bring his client into the courtroom. (Counsel tells me "you do the listening" I'll do the talking") We enter and sit. Judge rambles about dog law cases he's seen. Bad out comes ect.ect. Counsel goes over Pa. law and local ordinance.......

    NOT GUILTY.. No laws violated.

    Most people I guess would of paid the $50.00 fine and been done with it.....

    Sometimes you just have to take a stand.........Or Not...........Your choice.

    Thanks for listening.

    May you pin all the marks and line the blinds

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    Glad for you
    Wayne Nutt
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    You gambled you won! I still would not have done it! IMO
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    You do know you really haven't won anything don't you? You may become a target. So if your neighbor still has the bull's-eye on your back, I might be trying to do something to suck up to the neighbor.

    but, I have always enjoyed clients like you. They never listen to what you tell them. And they keep coming back even though I don't give frequent flyer miles.

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