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Thread: Propane heater for puppy room???????

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    I agre with the other guys about the drawbacks of propane. The IR "round bulb" electric heaters as sold for chicken houses are more controllable, safer and inexpensive. We wouldn't go any other route.

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    As a retired paramedic I saw many CO poisoning from portable propane heaters. One guy even was working in his small shed type shop with the door open. Don't take any chances like everyone else has mentioned.
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    sorry but newborn pups need to be kept warmer than 75 degrees even..not worth loosing a litter....i vote in the house! Ive seen enough puppies come thru the vet office chilled and dying. JMO


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    I decided to go IR. See below. I think I can keep them plenty warm. It went to 80 right away.

    Here is the set up. Whelping box inside a 4 X 8 kennel in the down stairs garage. We usually whelp the pups down here because it is easy to keep clean.

    Close up of the whelping box and the heat lamps. They are on a pipe that I can move up or down in the fence links depending on the ambient air temp and how much heat I need to put on the pups. I can use one lamp or 2 to keep it as warm as needed.

    Temp is good 80.2
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    What about an electric space heater? Does anyone use those? I got one that runs off of 240V for my garage for the times I want to do stuff in there during the winter. It would heat up an already warm room (e.g. the 65 deg. garage of the OP) quite well.

    Do those heat lamps (such as the infra red) interfere with the sleep cycles of the bitch and pups? I ask because when I got my pup 3 years ago she seemed to have no sense of night or day, any time was play time! I always wondered if it was because of the heat lamps.

    Also, how about insulating the whelping box? Dog Den/k-9 condo was advertising their insulated dog houses for use as whelping boxes.
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    Looks good but don't put heat lamps over the whole box. Maybe half or just a corner. Give them a place to get out of the heat if they want. Especially mom.
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    I have a couple of those Pelonis radiator type heaters that I use w/ my litters. You can get them for ~$50 at Walmart. Now granted, my litters are whelped and stay in the (small) basement of my house the first 4 wks in a box w/ a programmable heating pad or 2 in the box... but they do put out heat! I'll be moving my pups to the insulated/attached garage probably tomorrw, and it's running ~55F typically in the winter w/o heat unless we get very cold in which case I even will turn one on low for my big dogs.

    PS and no, I'd never use a propane heater inside. Carbon monoxide, etc, are at issue.

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    insulating the bottom of the box with some foam under the box away from mom or pups would help.

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    I use a Kane heat mat for the pups to be on. That way you don't need to have the room so hot that the bitch is uncomfortable. 80 is way to hot for a nursing bitch, plus with the bulb or supplemental heaters, you will always have cold spots. The pups will stay on the heat mat and keep toasty warm.


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    When mentioning the oil filled electric heater it was about making the OP's room a more comfortable temperature.

    Our whelping box is in the house and we use a puppy heating mat on one side of the box (leaving enough room for mom to be comfortable without being on the heating mat). We will also use a heat lamp initially to ensure enough the pups are kept warm enough.

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