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Thread: Propane heater for puppy room???????

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    What about a welping nest? Do a search on "welping nest", they're pretty wonderful, but pricey - $250.00, plus shipping/install. You can regulate the heat, etc. , but you still may want to use another type of supplemental heat. We use heat lamps too, but check your lamp set up daily.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Perry View Post
    I decided to go IR. See below. I think I can keep them plenty warm. It went to 80 right away.

    Here is the set up. Whelping box inside a 4 X 8 kennel in the down stairs garage. We usually whelp the pups down here because it is easy to keep clean.

    Close up of the whelping box and the heat lamps. They are on a pipe that I can move up or down in the fence links depending on the ambient air temp and how much heat I need to put on the pups. I can use one lamp or 2 to keep it as warm as needed.

    Temp is good 80.2
    Cover the window with plastic to kill drafts. 3M window seal if available. Will make a big difference.
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    The whelping nests made by Scotts are worth their weight in gold, especially during the first 7-10 days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Snows View Post
    When mentioning the oil filled electric heater it was about making the OP's room a more comfortable temperature.

    Our whelping box is in the house and we use a puppy heating mat on one side of the box (leaving enough room for mom to be comfortable without being on the heating mat). We will also use a heat lamp initially to ensure enough the pups are kept warm enough.
    Same here and the pups generally preferred the mat. The lamp kept an ambient temperature throughout. I made sure momma had enough of an area to escape the heat as much as possible. Probably a little overkill but I had the tools.
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    I know this is a little late just saw your post. They sell infra red space heaters at Tractor Supply and I think Lowes has them, they are designed to be mounted overhead to heat a workbench or any area a person is working in. They run about 50.00 dollars and are 110 volt plug in models. Also you can hang 10 mil plastic and staple it around the garage door to help keep the heat in. If you raise the whelping box off the ground with 4X4s this creates a air gap and wont allow the cold from the concrete to transfer through the box to the pups. Hope this helps.

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    I would never use a combustible heat source.

    FWIW, last litter I built a tent structure out of PVC pipe over the whelping box and covered it with fabric. I set up an electric heater with a blower outside the structure aimed at an opening so warm air circulated around the inside but didn't get it too warm.

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    I heat my 30'x40' pole building with an older LB White propane heater that used to be used in my friends farrowing house. I have it vented and it does very well keeping the barn and the pups warm. My pups were born the 7th of December and it's been one of the coldest winters in over 20 years here. Just have it vented properly and you should be ok.

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    mike is obviously advertising an upcoming litter on the main forum here in a covert way! to be fair to others i think you should move this thread!

    just kiddin' vicki.(in a passive aggresive sort of way)

    mike your solution looks nice, i can't wait to see your pups!
    john mccallie

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