Need some reccomended Casting Drills
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Thread: Need some reccomended Casting Drills

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    Default Need some reccomended Casting Drills

    Wondering if anyone has some good casting drills to improve over casting ? My 13 month BLF is doing great, but she seems to be having some issues on her over cast! She takes them, but breaks down after 25 yards, and she is also taking her over cast at a angle instead of taken a straight line. Just need some tips, or drills that will help improve her over cast so she will take them longer, and straighter .

    Running Pattern blinds at this point with diversons, Daily marks out to 100 yards, and running Ladder drill, and Wagon wheel drill this past week, and try to work in Walking baseball once a week!

    Any help ?
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    I had the exact same problem with my BLM. I have gone back to reinforce FTP for a week at longer distances and am about to start back with reteaching "back" and "over" casting. Look up the thread I started called "question for the pros on building confidence in the dog" that should give you some advice.

    I ended up getting in touch with a Pro Trainer and he just basically told me to slow down and do everything thorough before moving on. Start small scale and work your way back slowly. In other words, when you start teaching over casting, start about 10 feet from the dog and if you have to take several steps in the "over" direction. That will help the dog get the line you are looking for. Slowly move back. He told me he couldn't stress it enough to go slowly, even if it take two weeks.

    Then again, I haven't done it yet so who am I to give you advice. I am however interested in what people have to say because I am going back down that road starting Monday and hopefully it will go smoother this time.


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    I don't focus on big overs. 25 yards would be a very big over for me. I teach literal casting and don't let a dog get that far off line. You can see the drill I use to teach eight handed casting by searching for Hank (by Pirate) or Rowdy (by Pirate) eight handed casting. The eight handed casting drill introduces angle backs into the simple casting (formerly called baseball). They must learn to go straight over (and straight back) as opposed to angle backs and angle ins.
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    Walking baseball. Can teach them as big as you like with some repetition. To hard to describe, but very easy once you see it demonstrated. The dogs enjoy this drill.

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    You said you are working on pattern blinds. Just stop your dog enroute to one blind and cast him to the other location that he already knows. This will usually give the dog confidence in taking a big over cast. I agree with Wayne though. You should never need it.

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    If you want to make it simple and introduce longer overs, then IMO, identify the over pile to start. Give them every opportunity to succeed to your expectations.
    On a side note....I am a big fan of walking baseball provided I have a big field...The bigger the better.

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