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Thread: Lone Survivor....OMG

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    Quote Originally Posted by FinnLandR View Post
    I'm taking my dad (former 2nd Armored Cav, stationed in Germany during the late 60s-early 70s) to see it today. He and I both really enjoyed the book.
    I was also in the 2nd ACR. I was stationed in Nurnberg and there from 86-89.

    I've read the book and saw the movie over the weekend. Both are very close to each other except for the ending. Other than that its a great movie and definitely very realistic. As others have said everyone left the theatre in silence.
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    To the service men and women on the RTF first off, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your service!!!

    For those of you service members, that read the book and /or saw the movie do you think there were any mistakes made by the 4 very brave SEALS on the ground?
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    Just walked out of the theater 2 hours ago. Still stunned. I read the book a few years back and the movie knocked it out of the park. Really makes you appreciate what you have
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    I too just saw it tonight. I don't feel it was as good as the book. Hollywood, as usual, took a fair amount of liberties with the written page. I'm sure many were for time allowances and to make it more "presentable" to the general civilian population (there's no way they could show the true extent of the wounds they suffered yet still kept fighting without half the audience vomiting) But I do commend them (Hollywood) for a fairly accurate portrayal of the military. (As a veteran, I always notice the stuff that "doesn't fly".....from the minor infractions of improperly worn uniforms or gear, half ass salutes, to the gravely stupid examples of troops walking around with fingers on triggers, or muzzle sweeping their teammates... and it's irksome.)
    I did ,as others have stated, notice the somber and sobering affect it had on the crowd. And I'm glad for that as I feel it's the whole purpose of the tale.
    It's worth seeing. But the book is much more worthy of being read.

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    Saw it yesterday. Great movie. Thank you to all the men and women for your service to this great nation
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    i watched it the other night and it was incredible and def left a knot in my gut. i will say i saw the behind the scenes special on Cinemax about filming it and all the actors were required to go through a "mini-SEAL" training course supervised by Marcus. Marcus actually had a lot to do with filming serving as advisor. he said there was lots of times where he'd stop filming and say "no thats not how you would do that"

    hookdude: keep in mind they are SEALs so they arent as stringent on uniforms and such. special forces dont have to shave, trim hair, and some even are allowed to go plain clothes. i didnt see too many muzzle sweeps as that was one thing marcus said he wouldnt allow.

    was it just me or did you feel that when they were under attack there was 50-75 enemy soldiers? after reading different reports marcus i think said there was 15-20 and some reports said no more than 15 with one even saying 8-10. i figured the movie showed them killing at least 15-20 before being overtaken. could just be the hollywood effect

    when they shot the big drops one stuntman had multiple broken ribs, concussion, and pierced lung a helicopter had to be flown in to get him to the hospital. it took 90 different shots to get the 2 big drops
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    I also read the book and agree with you. I saw the movie and it doesn't the book justice nor are the facts the same in some case's

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    I haven't watched it and likely never will.
    I am glad that it is touching so many people's lives though.

    However, I did see this today;

    and this....


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    I watch the movie last night. I am with the crowd on the silent part. I would like to watch it again, but not now.......

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    The first war movie that I remember seeing in person was "The Longest Day". Can't say if people left in silence since it was at a Drive-in. Some years later I went to a small theatre screening of "Apocalypse Now". I then attended a screening of "Platoon" sometime later. Then through the years, "Full Metal Jacket", and "Saving Private Ryan". I do remember all of these subsequent films being exited quietly by the audience. I have not seen "Lone Survivor", and probably will not. (the title alone is a give away.)
    I like films to provide an expectation of suspense, uncertainty...a surprise ending, the suspension of disbelief...and in the final analysis aren't all war movies, recruitment movies...???

    Souldn't this be moved to PP?
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