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Thread: Did I Do The Right Thing? Started Hillman pup training today...

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    T-Pines, to answer your question, he has figured out where the door is so he ran over to the door. He waits for me to go first almost all the time and so we just walked inside. We did just take about a ten minute walk, off lead, around the yard and he followed me the whole way around. He follows me around great with the lead on but with him dragging it. It seems he doesn't like the pressure of the lead when I try to get him to follow me. Like I said, admittedly I was forcing him, which now I understand was wrong. We will start over and let him drag the lead around a couple days and then try letting him lead a little bit and then once he is comfortable with that I will try to lead again. I just hope he will let me amend my mistake without any residual effects from today's botched lesson.

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    I gave my pup both ends. He thought he was dragging me around. Thought he was really doing something the first few times. Good luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by T-Pines View Post
    You should consider going to Hillmann's seminar next weekend in Meigs, GA. You could get hands on feedback from Bill, himself. I heard the enrollment numbers are less than normal, so a great opportunity for more working time in front of Bill.


    ETA: After posting, it occurred to me that your pup is too young to risk exposure to a seminar environment.
    I have attended one day of his seminar and really found it worthwhile and helpful to understand his program and why he does things the way he does. Ask questions, jump in and volunteer when he asks. Don't necessarily have to have the pup You can just attend. I know it would be more fun to show the little guy off but..
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    I have good news! I went with my pup outside this morning. We got excited to retrieve and then I clipped his lead on. He walked around dragging his lead for a couple minutes following me. Then we went to a new area of the yard and I picked up his lead and let him explore while I held the lead. There was no pressure just a little quick tug/pop of the leas and collar to get his attention and get him to follow me. He only got resistant once and I simply encouraged him to come to me and it worked, I praised like crazy. We finished up with sit and a few excitement retrieves. Today was a good day.

    Thanks everybody for for the advice., I have already learned a ton about training from this experience alone.

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