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Thread: Ready to get in the Game again

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    Default Ready to get in the Game again

    Been a long time and so much has happened since I have done any training or even duck hunting. Belle my first retriever passed at 10yrs in 2011 and that pretty much shut me down with retrievers. She wasn't by any means a wonderdog as far as titles go but she was one hell of a meat dog and more important my best friend. Worked her as normal one day and put her in her kennel, next morning I found her lifeless. To say I was heartbroken is an understatement.

    Those of you that know me know I am a below the knee amputee, between that and no dog to get my birds I all but stopped bird hunting all together.

    Fast forward to now, I have my metal fabrication business and everything is running as good as it can be. With advancements in prosthetic technology advances in the last few years hunting is back in the picture. So I'm in search of a puppy/young dog and also taking on my hunting buddy's dog. We currently have 2 shop dogs and one is more my daughters dog than anything a German shepherd and she trains and works with her everyday. the other is a Belgian Shepherd that rides on the mobile welding truck to pretty much "watch" the truck but rides in the front when we are on the road. at 8 months he is a force to be reckoned Pics below are Victoria which some of you will remember after her first hunting trip and with her GSD "Gretta" they are inseparable

    We have a big nice kennel set up that has been empty of retrieves for to long and I'm ready to see some working dogs do what they do best. Any leads on equipment and related stuff please shoot me a private message.

    Its good to be back

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