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Thread: Is it Tracheal collapse

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    Default Is it Tracheal collapse

    Hello, I worked my dog yesterday with a slip lead and he hit the end of the lead pretty hard. Last night he started coughing and it has continued throughout today. This has happened before, he hit the end of the tie out and coughed for about 3 days. When I looked up possibilities tracheal collapse was on there. Does anyone have experience with this?
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    If you have any doubt about a dogs health, get thee unto a vet. This forum admirable as it is, can't be a diagnostic tool.

    I don't use a slip lead as a restraint, or to tug the dog back into position. I have it stopped up behind the ears and just issue a sharp sideways rap as a reminder to the dog that he's in the wrong place and should correct himself. Timing is important and you need to hold the lead just as my chum Richard is doing at the start of the video.

    Tieing a dog out is poor practise in my book. Think about it .... what is he out there for? Is he learning anything? Are you asking anything of him? Is there anything to be gained that couldn't be achieved within a secure run?

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    It isn't necessarily collapse. I have a dog that csme out of young dog training with a chronic cough. He has scar tissue in his trachea right where the collar would hit if being pulled uo on repeatedly. The scar tissue doesn't allow the trachea to expand and contract in that spot normally. So when excited, he will cough. Keeping all leashes and collars from around his neck helps tremendously. I use a no- pull harness and an ecollar on him. When i take him to line, "heel" is my good friend. A scope made the disgnosis.

    you need to change your training style to prevent putting your dog in that position so he is not damaged permanently like my dog or worse.

    A vet visit would be in order.

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    My dog has coughed like that on and off his whole life. he could never have any pressure put on his throat. He was diagnosed a few years ago with laryngeal paralysis.

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