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Thread: Yip-yip-bark-yip-bark-BARK-YIP-YIP!!!-BARK!!!!-YIPyip-AhoooOOOO!

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    My dog gets real pushy when he wants to go out and run and train. He has become VERY routine (we train everyday when I get home from work) to the point that he is smarter than the clock. He barks and growls and lets me know when it's time to go. I ignore it and as soon as he settles down we go. I am hoping this will help our solution and maybe help yours too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Erin Lynes View Post
    Teach the puppy some self control. The 'It's Yer Choice' game from Susan Garett is very helpful for this process:
    that's a cool one, thanks for posting
    Darrin Greene

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    Way to much thinking going on here for a 10 week old pup....If the dog barks and carrys on pick him /her up. Hold on till they calm down, they will struggle because of becoming dominated, after they calm down put them down and off they go about their business. (Kind a like a time out)Barking is your typical I want something...me me me me...form of dominance?? Holding until they become quiet makes them the submissive and you the dominant. Randy

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    With out pups a tie out stake has worked wonders. Same concept as not giving them positive attention when they are being noisy just keeps them more confined. We will put them on tie out stakes when we are out in the yard working where they can see us and once they settle down, are quiet, and are acting calm and not hyper we will show them some positive attention. Reward the behavior you want and stop and take it away when the unwanted behaviors arise. But looks like you already got that concept.

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    The picking up and holding works well. I adopted a very cute and very busy pittie mix pup who would get so crazy at times that the only way to settle her down was to pick her up and hold her "swaddle" until she relaxed. Sometimes she would relax so much she would go to sleep, but it did calm her. The other suggestion about teaching self control works as well. Susan Garrett has a DVD called "Crate Games" that teaches a dog to be comfortable in their crates and teaches them about self control and rewards. It can be used with any aged dog, but works very well with puppies. I have the DVD and would be happy to mail it to you if you can mail it back when you are finished. Please PM me with your address.

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    Had a howler and a few more that were not born here.....
    Took about two hours with the worse one I had. Just walked on by a few hundred times with no voice and no hug and no correction. I'm pretty sure that Hound of the baskervilles thought I was more crazy than him ...At 10 weeks old that dog is a puppy!..and I mean puppy!!..Water/vinegar/or hugs ain't what he relates to as correction or affection! (imo)...
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