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Thread: Witness

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    Default Witness

    by Whittaker Chambers in 1952 should be required reading for those who are progressive on this forum . Plus anyone else who is on the fence.

    Mr Chambers was among other things a member of the Communist Underground, an recognized editor of Time for many years, a Quaker, a solid family man, & severely persecuted by the MSM. He chose to bear witness against Alger Hiss, one of the chosen ones in government & a graduate of Harvard.

    From the book:
    Quote Originally Posted by WC
    I saw that the New Deal was only superficially a reform movement. I had to acknowledge the truth of what its more forthright protaganists, sometimes unwarily, sometimes defiantly, averred: the New Deal was a genuine revolution, whose deepest purpose was not simply reform within existing traditions, but a basic change in the social, and, above all, the power relationships within the nation. It was not a revolution by violence, it was a revolution by bookkeeping & lawmaking. Insofar as it was successful, the power of politics had replaced the power of business. This is the basic power shift of all the revolutions of our time. This shift was the revolution. It was only of incidental interest that the revolution was not complete, that it was made not by tanks & machine guns, but by acts of Congress & decisions of the Supreme Court, or that many fof the revolutionists didn't know what they were or denied it. But revolution is always an affair of force, whatever forms the force disguises itself in. Whether the revolutionists prefer to call themselves Fabians, who seek power by the inevitability of gradualism, or Bolsheviks, who seek power by the dictatorship of the proletariat, the struggle is for power.

    ------------- for as between revolutionists who only half know what they are doing & revolutionists who know exactly what they are doing, the latter are in a superb maneuvering position. ----- (page 472)
    Anyone here familiar with the theologians: Soren Kierkegaard, Karl Barth & the Russian novelist Feodor Dostoyevsky?

    The main congresscritters in this investigation by the House Unamerican Activities committee were Richard Nixon & Karl Mundt. A special thanks to them for their work .

    Marvin S

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    My old philosophy professor would pontificate for hours on Kierkegaard, and Dostoyevsky...would hope to never have to hear about those clowns again...reminds me of the Beatles tune, "Back in the USSR"....the only things I like from Russia are Stolichnaya vodka and Maria Sharapova
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    While I confess to not being familier with the mentioned theologians, I was a next door neighbor to then Senator Karl Mundt. It was during my first radio job...1961...Madison, SD. I visited with Senator Mundt during my short stay in Madison, but wasn't into politics at that time. We mostly talked about hunting.

    As to novelists...I'm mainly into Tom Clancy, Vince Flynn, and David Baldacci.

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