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Thread: CHABAD- Trump & Putin

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    Default CHABAD- Trump & Putin

    thanks Nogie... He has a working link!

    Google: "The Happy-go-Lucky-Jewish Group That Connects Trump and Putin" by Ben Schreckinger April 9, 2017

    1. I get Politico Playbook daily. This was most interesting. Easy to get within their Playbook link hard outside unless you google.
    2. Worth the effort to read.
    3. Most here do not appear to understand the Russian Jewish connection and Putin going to Israel and the USA.
    4. Most are fearful of being labeled anti-Semitic to question Israeli motives or Zionist backers. I am not , with my proven Jewish DNA connection and 5th generation documented grandmothers.
    5. The author is a young man , graduate of Brown University, with Irish and Myaamar experience and reports for Politico, Boston Globe,Slate, Newsweek, National Journal and appears on a whole slug of media shows. He is a liberal, and a millenial .
    6. As he states, the CHABAD is something most Americans know little about as I would add most Orthodox and Haisidic Jewsih sects prominent in the USA.
    7. Remember the M16 "Steele Report" that McCain got and turned over to Comey , which I wrote about, this story illustrates further NYC and their Russian Jewish influence in Russia, Israel and the USA.
    8. This is NOT a Zionist Protocol Henry Ford diatribe. Read and learn , especially some of you in fly over country. They are there too
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    SD was the last in the union to get a Chabad-Lubavitch center. Interesting article, thanks for the share. (the link is broken, try this one -
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    Well, that's an interesting story.
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