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Thread: Training Dogs to Handle Live Geese

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    Mark you are so right on cranes, I am afraid of them myself. Downright nasty on the ground. Shoot 'em in close with hevi shot Bs and they are better behaved. Although here in Palacios or Collegeport I have never head the dead dog story. Just the poke your eyes out.

    As for training dogs, never had a lab that needed anything beyond let them go. Now my wusssy HT dog I .... never mind she excels on geese also. Her 1st was a 12 lb Canada stone dead and from there it is all good.
    John C aka jacduck

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    Quote Originally Posted by Don Lietzau View Post
    Do you goose hunting guys have any techniques specifics on training your pup for retrieving live, wounded geese and cranes? I know there is concern about a dog getting beat up. Where do you goose hunters start? Thanks Don
    Like many have said, allow them to learn from experience. If the dog hesitates on retrieving the goose, stay positive while coaxing the dog to make the retrieve and lots of praise when the dog gets the bird in its mouth. As far as cranes are concerned if it isn't stone cold dead I wouldn't allow my dogs to retrieve it. My 85 lb YLM got into a live one when my wife took them out to flats a couple of years ago. Crane was in cottonwood creek right next to the parking lot and of course the dog sees the crane and immediately proceeds to pounce on it, before my wife has a chance to call him back. Was a full fledged battle as the dog wasn't going to let go until he brought it to hand. My wife ended up in the creek covered in mud before the dog would release the bird. Dog was cut up on the face and the ears from the crane fighting back, luckily he was spared from having any eye injury.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Don Lietzau View Post
    Question? What is an OOC dog.
    Thanks Don
    OOC= Out Of Control
    Means the feller had no hope 'cause he didn't have rope
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