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Thread: What duck/phesant/turkey auto loader shotgun should I buy? Any why?

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    My Bennelli M2 is awesome. You should at least look at one.

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    I also have a SBE and love it. You wont regret it.

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    I have a new Browning A5 and absolutely love it. It's so light with the inertia system yet doesn't kick like a mule with heavy duck/goose loads. Have yet to have it jam on me and have shot at least 1000 rounds through it. I do a lot of clay shooting with low brass 8's and it cycles through them like a champ. Also I found when shouldering this gun it's much easier to get on target and stay on target with the A5 design. Plus it looks SWEET!!!

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    I thought I would give you guys and update on what gun I purchased. Since my friend that owns a gun show sells at discount prices Benelli won't sell to him. He could have gotten me a Beretta A400 but he doesn't normally stock them and I really wanted to handle one before I bought it. So I looked at the Browning and Winchester shotguns. Long story short I went with the Browning Maxus in duck blind camo. I looked at the A5 in the store but it just didn't set up well for me with the hump but a very nice gun. I really liked the Winchester so much so that I bought a 20 gauge in duck blind camo Winchester at the same time. Browning and Winchester were giving 8% cash back if you bought a gun from them in April so it was too good of a deal to pass up. I think I will be happy with both and I know my wife will also enjoy shooting the Winchester 20 gauge. Thanks for your advice and help.

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