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Thread: Welcome new RTF Sponsor - Dr. Tim's!

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    I've heard nothing but great things about Dr Tims. It seems like many of you are using pursuit for your dogs. Does Dr Tim's have a puppy food? I didn't see one on the website.

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    I see most of you guys are feeding the Pursuit as opposed to the Momentum (my first thought in considering a possible switch from TOTW was to do momentum as it said highly active). Dr Tim, is pursuit better to feed to our working FT/HT/hunting dogs than Momentum? What do you recommend these working dogs eat? Thanks for your help. I am considering switching since it would be a better value than the TOTW 30 lb bag I feed now.
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    First off, I don't believe in a specific food for puppies that is just for them. Puppy food is really just marketing and that is why I don't have one specifically listed for puppies but do list the food as an All Life Stage Diet. We can use the same food for young and old alike and what a difference it makes, especially with an older dog to use that type of food. They just thrive. What I mean is if you stay with a higher fat/higher protein food for the life of the dog because their metabolism is supposed to be fed that way they do flourish. Some breeds need certain ratios of a few ingredients(mainly the giant breeds) but the majority can utilize safely the same ratio through out life. So, if using the same type of food for pups or adults I just vary the overall amount of food fed according to what they are doing, their weight, etc. Avoid senior diets, guys, as they really get sluggish on those diets unless directed by your vet for a health reason.

    As to Pursuit versus Momentum it again depends on the activity level of the dog and purpose. I would tend to stay on Pursuit year round(versus going to lower fat/cheaper food in the off season)as that level of fat will encourage the metabolism correctly, even in the off season, and greatly improve the fall training curve. Greatly. Speaking of working dogs here. Hard keepers, highly active dogs would be fed Momentum. You are not harming the dog if fed otherwise but mght be a bit of overkill. Also, some folks don't feel comfortable feeding Momentum in the off season as they might be feeding a cup of food a day(all that they need) and the Italian mother in them wants to feed more so they end up with a chubby dog.

    If I see one failure to a food like this it is that due to its high digestibility and energy content some will over feed it. Typically you can feed 25% less by volume than you are used to. Same goes with hard keepers. If you are trying to get weight on a dog and he/she is having soft stools either; 1. feeding too much per feeding or 2. the food was not formulated for that activity level of dog. What I mean is that olympic athletes typically don't eat Burger King and perform very well. Burger King might work ok when you are sitting around the house but as soon as the exercise happens it is off to the outhouse and the endurance is also affected.

    Same goes with a dog with solid stools at rest and soft stools when performing. That food is not right for that dog if the timing of feeding prior to performance is reasonable(4 hours or more prior to exercise the dog is fed). If the stools are soft there are ingredients not being properly digested, they go through the intestinal tract too fast and reach the colon of the dog. In the colon these undigested ingredients will then pull water due to osmosis and thus you have a soft stool. All those nice ingredients are left to feed the grass and coyotes in the fecal material produced. And are sticky to pick up-you got the picture.

    Let me know if I have confused you as my wife tells me I am good at that.

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    We are feeding momentum and really like it. We have no problem feeding 2.5 to 3.5 measured cups per day for dogs weighing from 60 to 75 pounds. If they are not doing much activity they get less(2 to 3 cups per day instead) and they get a little more if lots of training. No more soft stools for the males in heavy training and keeping weight on better. The dogs do not seem upset that they are getting less food. But my mother is Italian, and when I told her she could feed her lab. 3 cups instead of 4 cups, she said "Oh no, he is not going to like that, I just could not do that to him." So no switching for her.

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    Same results as others... Very pleased with the results and switch from PPP. Thanks dr. Tim.

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    While I am trying Dr. Tims for the first time, I also have to agree about the quick service from Chewy.com. I ordered my food Monday morning at 7am, and UPS was bringing it to my door yesterday at 5pm. That certainly is excellent service with only a 34 hour turn around time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JusticeDog View Post
    I order from Chew.com.

    WOnderful service. I have had such a substantial positive change in FC Ruckus, that people have commented on it. In fact, am switching one of my old guys, HRCH Kirby, SH, QAA (amateur trained and handled) to it! But, he's getting Kinesis. Ruckus is fed the Pursuit (30/20).
    Are you doing the grain inclusive or grain free Kinesis?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dr tim View Post
    Yes, I would think being a Michigan company one could get a Michigan distributor that would then sell to a store interested in carrying our products. In being a small company many distributors just don't want to deal with it despite us having one of the best foods around, in my opinion. I can't help that decision making process. On the other hand Chewy.com and Petflow.com have allowed us to get our products to areas that previously would not have the availability(virtually anywhere in the USA) so many folks can see the benefits that were described in earlier posts. Being a vet it is very gratifying to see how we can improve the health of many dogs and cats through proper nutrition. It is what a vet is supposed to do.

    Also, we will be launching a grain free dog food that has no chicken in it in several months, pork and salmon based.

    Thanks again for all the kind comments.
    I feed a food that has pork in it so Im just curious how good is it to have a food with pork in it if they say pork is a higher risk for pancreatitis?

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    Welcome aboard. Thanks for your support.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cowtown View Post
    Are you doing the grain inclusive or grain free Kinesis?
    With grain..... Otherwise he demands popcorn!

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