Announcing the "Advanced Transformational Dog Breeding" - a great two-day workshop with Gayle Watkins, PhD of Avidog International.. The seminar will be held March 1-2, 2014 in Kemptville, ON.

The seminar is suitable for breeders, anyone who is contemplating a new puppy, does performance events with their dogs, has temperament tested litters for others or is just plain interested in breeding, and how puppies are reared and evaluated.

This seminar is not just for golden owners but is appropriate for *all* breeds!

Topics covered will include:

- Applied Epigenetics. With the recent explosion in epigenetics research and findings, we are learning more and more about how the environment changes DNA that is then passed on to future generations.** Although a very young science, these findings should play a role in how dog breeders and owners select, raise and breed dogs for future*breedings. In this session, Gayle will share her understanding of epigenetics from the perspective of a dog breeder rather than a* geneticist and how this understanding has changed her breeding methods.

- Breeding Strategy. During this session, Gayle and participants will discuss and consider strategies for breeding programs to help breeders think through their goals, determine how to measure them, and evaluate*how individual breedings help them progress toward them. More than simple breeding methods, this session focuses on using a broad, holistic approach to breeding strategy that is applicable for seasoned, novice and one-time breeders.

- Breeding Stock Selection. Once breeders have established their goals,* we will then tackle breeding stock selection. Sires and dams contribute differently and play different roles in a breeding's success but each plays a critical role in their puppies' future.

- APET Litter Testing. Gayle will explore, in more depth, the Avidog Puppy Evaluation Test (APET) which provides breeders with a valuable tool in matching puppies to new owners, analyzing each litter and providing new owners with guidance and insights regarding their puppy. During this session, Gayle will expand further on the test she has developed, with a focus on*how breeders can maximize this critical process, with an emphasis on matching puppies to owners and the development of training plans.

If time allows, other topics discussed with be a review of puppy brain development, incorporating the latest research information, and more detailed discussions on nutrition and vaccines (nomographs, titers).

For more information on Gayle and Avidog, please visit As a teaser, a recent webinar by Gayle outlining the early Scent Introduction program she has developed for neonate puppies can be found here:

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Please forward this information on to anyone who might be interested.

Hope to see you there!

Pamela Martin