Hey, Marv, What do you think about this plane?
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Thread: Hey, Marv, What do you think about this plane?

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    Default Hey, Marv, What do you think about this plane?


    I don't want to feed an ugly dog!

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    I had a progressive neighbor that worked in the futuristic portion at Boeing. It was their job to dream up these things & apply for patents to preclude any future issues should the company decide to go there. They came up with stuff only someone who had never worked a lot in the real world could possibly think of. The self repairing wing is really far out, we will not see that in our lifetime, if ever.

    We had a VP at the company whose claim to fame was convincing the guy who owned the patent idea for engines mounted by the tail section that there weren't going to many built & getting him to agree to a low ball figure/plane for the company's use of the idea. A lot of these little company's bought are for the patents they own.

    The guppy type airplanes are already flying.
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    These huge planes look like big, fat, terrorist targets to me. What a temptation if a terrorist could take down a plane with 700 souls.
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