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Thread: Would you send your dog? not me

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    I would prvidied that is the kind of training and experiance me and my dog had.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bridget Bodine View Post
    OHHH..........I don't know if I would dock any tails!!! WTF how would the dog steer away from the rocks???

    14 with a wind chill of - 10
    You dock their tale in the off season , it'll grow back fir huntin season.

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    Would have with Beamer in his prime.... It would take a dog with a lot of courage and drive. I am sure not all dogs could handle that.
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    I have never seen dogs being pushed into rocks like that. Those dogs were experienced. I would want a safer place to have the return to land. I would want to train there in less fierce conditions before I would hunt there. I have had to give hand signals when my dog was at the top of a wave on Tuttle Creek.

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    I would say it depends. It depends on knowing my limits and that of the dog. I have in the past been hunting in tidal exchanges in the Puget Sound and it can be brutal at times. It's a good idea to have a tidal book for reference.

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    This thread was up a few years ago if I remember. I would never consider myself a expert on Sea duck hunting and I doubt too many on this forum are experts either so for me to pass judgemet would be pretty stupid. I have learned hunting is often defined by the region you hunt in. Some would look at sitting in a duck blind where you are in a blind without a heater out of their mind. I think the video was posted because it is pretty amazing and shows the courage of these dogs and how well they can adapt. Out west we train on sand burs, goat heads and rocky ground. Our dog are use to it and adapt to running in these conditions. Take a dog from the Caroilna's and he would be done in a day or two. I would not get a warm fuzzy feeling sending my dog in that stuff but it really did not look that bad. My guess is that was not that dogs first Rodeo.
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    I would that's why I have Chesapeakes!
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