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Thread: Would you send your dog? not me

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    I saw this video a couple of years ago on one of the other sites I'm on. One of the guys came on and defended/explained themselves pretty well. They wash dogs out that can't do the work, just like FT do. They rotate the dogs and they're trained/exposed to that type of retrieving. They don't just take a flat land puddle duck hunting dog like mine and throw him in. I'm not really defending it or condoning it. It's just different.
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    No e collars either.........think those dogs were forced on back????? Jim
    Jim Weitzel

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    Would I send My dog, today NO I wouldn't I'd have to train her for it, after she's trained for it absolutely this is a type of hunting, where you need a dog. Is this dangerous, perhaps but I don't know enough sea-duck to offer an opinion, although the rocks look smooth and not sharp. I doubt the dogs going to get those birds, were thrown in such conditions their first time, they most likely have experience, on dealing with the ocean and it's waves. Just as my dog has experience with river current, rock shale, and a bunch of other scenarios she's been trained to hunt in. Some of us won't send our dog into possible gator water, some of us wouldn't hunt the delta where currents can change at a moments notice, some would hesitate at the great lakes and their cold and rough water.

    However Labradors were fish net dogs, go get the fish net, that means get the fish net in the ocean in hazardous conditions, the ocean is big and is rarely smooth.
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    Won't the birds just wash to shore if you wait a few?
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    This video was discussed at length on this site over a year ago.


    Pay particular attention to what experienced and knowlegable dog people like Howard have to say...........I think his comments are on about page 5 or 6.

    With a young and inexperienced dog its a matter of introducing this kind of hunting gradually. Once they learn the game, any experienced Retreiver worth it's salt would handle this situation with no problems and would be in no particular danger.

    As someone else mentioned, shelf ice in a moving river is far more dangerous. Log jams are a bad one too.
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    Wow, very impressive, but not for me or my dogs...even if they were trained to it. To many variables and if a dog get's in trouble, their is no recovery option that is good. If I was gonna hunt sea ducks, I would have a boat w/ramp.

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    Not me!!
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    First, in my prime, I was a strong swimmer and did a mile to a mile and a half everyday for many years. I could easily swim for an hour nonstop. That water in warm weather would have me concerned about getting in, so IF that was only waves and not a strong current, and IF the rocks were smooth enough not to tear up the dogs and yet rough enough to provide purchase to climb back, then HELL NO I'm not putting my dog in that to retrieve what has to be a pretty nasty tasting sea duck!! Wouldn't be out hunting in those conditions either where if I made a mistake and ended up in that water I would surely drown.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HPL View Post
    HELL NO I'm not putting my dog in that to retrieve what has to be a pretty nasty tasting sea duck!!
    Reminds me of when in undergrad I had a friend from MA who was big on sea duck hunting. He claimed to have a recipe that made them taste good, so we hauled up over Christmas break and shot some. The recipe involved brining them and marinading them for several days in different concoctions before cooking. When the time came, it was indeed nasty. I looked at the recipe and it was from an old Tapply book and was called something like "Barely Edible Sea Duck". Four days worth of preparation and it was, indeed, barely edible. As a result, I would not have to deal with sending my dogs in those conditions because I never have acquired the taste for sea ducks. Besides, there is always merganser if I get a hankering for nasty fowl

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    Layout boat in Lake Michigan shooting Bluebills, also shot from shore off large rocks. Dog can't see when it goes down in the swales. Train a dog on a rougher summer day in the big Lake to get use to the swales.
    Done it many times, Lake Michigan with a NorEaster looks about the same.. live about .8 a mile off Lake Michigan. Haven't eaten Sea Ducks, but, Lake Michigan, Scaup (Bluebills) take some getting use to.
    Earl Dillow

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